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How Undergraduate Research Can Benefit You

Southern Nazarene University offers many opportunities for students across different departments to perform undergraduate research. Undergraduate research is important because it provides students with valuable academic skills and tools that will give them an advantage both in graduate school and in future careers. Performing an undergraduate research project is different than simply writing a research paper, in which students gather ... Read More »

Apathy Among University Students

It seems that in most things, college campuses are plagued by apathy. For a while now I’ve wondered just what it would take to mobilize fellow students in and out of the classroom about politics or injustice. But what makes students apathetic? Is it the heavy workload, increased stress, being extremely exhausted all the time or the combination of it ... Read More »

Staff Feature: Wakita Oliver

When you live on such an inclusive campus as SNU, it’s easy to slip into our little sleeves of comfortability. When I first got here I felt more alone than I ever had; that is until I met some people I am glad now to call friends. But that’s as far as it went. We know who we know and ... Read More »

Drone Photography

The last few years have seen the rise of remote controlled unarmed aerial vehicles, commonly called drones. With this technology comes new opportunities for photographers and filmmakers to find shots that would previously be only accessible to those with the resources to rent a helicopter. Many drones today come fully-equipped with high-definition video cameras. We sat down with Jon Hane, ... Read More »

The Origins of Easter and Its Traditions

Most people in America celebrate Easter with a church service, an easter egg hunt and dyeing eggs pastel colors. However, since the holiday’s name and all the secular traditions associated with Easter are products of its pagan origins, many countries around the world celebrate it in a unique way. There are many people who believe that Easter’s pagan origins center ... Read More »

What is CLEP and How It Can Help

CLEP (College-Level Examination Programs) exams are best described by SNU’s CLEP information site as “national standardized tests that allow students to earn transcript credit by demonstrating they have proficiency in a subject equivalent to the expectations for a college course.” It is best to have some prior knowledge of the subject you want to take the exam in, because these ... Read More »

Feature Friday: A Look at Christian Rap/Hip-hop Artists

Most people don’t know about all the different Christian rap/hip-hop artists out there, so to find out more information about the Christian rap world and its artists, I sat down with Gospel Lee, Reezzy Knight and Lapo. Gospel Lee is originally from Edmond, but currently lives in Phoenix. He first discussed with me about his start in the Christian rap/hip-hop ... Read More »

“Risen” Movie Review

For many Christians, “Risen” was a very exciting and intriguing film coming out. I think anytime a film comes out, and Jesus is involved, it is an instant attention grabber for anybody who is a believer or not. Like most people, when I saw the previews a few months ago, I had mixed feelings about it.The cool thing about the ... Read More »

Do You Qualify for SNU Mortar Board?

Mortar Board is a nationally recognized organization for college and university seniors with over 200 university chapters committed to the ideas of scholarship, leadership and service. Membership in Mortar Board has benefited SNU students when applying for graduate study, preparing job resumes, etc. since it is one of the most widely recognized senior honor societies in the nation. If you have ... Read More »

What You Should Know for Your Writing Appointment

Have you visited our Writing Center yet? It is a great place that offers free revision services for all traditional undergraduate SNU students. If you are a bit confused in what exactly the center does and how to best prepare for your appointment, then read this! The writing center has three writing tutors who are all amazing students. Allen Dunlap ... Read More »

“Zootopia”: A Great Movie About Diversity

“Zootopia,” the exciting new animated film about a world filled with anthropomorphic animals, was released in theaters this past weekend. We saw it on Saturday and were highly impressed with the film and its message on diversity. Judy Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwin) is a young bunny with dreams of becoming a cop; she is ridiculed for trying to break the status ... Read More »

Review of “Little Women”

It’s the last performance night, and people from all over come to fill the seats of Cantrell. Families and friends attend to show support. People are talking in excitement across the aisles, proudly proclaiming whom it is they know on stage. However, when the lights go up, the curtains pull back, and on stage are two lone performers, the crowd ... Read More »

Old Movies That Are Great for Relaxing

We all know the feeling: you finally get a few hours to yourself, but you can’t catch up on sleep or go anywhere. Or, if homework is in the way, you want something you don’t necessarily have to pay attention to in order to fully understand. So, you decide to find a movie that will make you laugh or relax. ... Read More »

School of Music Performs “Little Women” This Weekend

“Little Women” is the musical being presented on campus this week in Cantrell Music Hall. This is an exciting production for the School of Music that will be featuring some of SNU’s most talented students. “Little Women” the musical is based on Louisa May Alcott’s book of the same name and is set in the 1860s. The musical tells the story ... Read More »