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In review: Robocop, man or machine?

Byron Crouch, Staff Writer Summary:    A cop (Alex Murphy) is severely injured while trying to discover the supplier of illegal firearms. OmniCorp, the leading company in robotics, graciously offers Alex’s wife the option of restoring his body with their latest and greatest robotic counterparts. What could possibly go wrong? Read More »

Diving into creativity: Writing advice from a writer

Summer Howard, Staff Writer    Have you ever found yourself wanting to write a story but have no idea how to start? As an author, I want to assure you that you are not alone. I have found myself staring at that blinking cursor more times than I can remember. Here are some suggestions on how to get those creative juices ... Read More »

Listen to this! Rap alternatives

Trenten Wilkinson, Staff Writer     There are many styles of music today that are very influential on society as a whole. In particular, there is one style of music that differentiates itself from typical genres and impacts a greater number of individuals: rap. Most people enjoy an upbeat tempo with fast lyrics that convey a broad message, and that is just ... Read More »

Brett eats out: Pioneer Pies

Brett Smith, Staff Writer    If there is ever an option to eat good Southern food, I will be one of the first to seize it. My roommate had told me about a place called Pioneer Pies that his parents had taken him to during one of their visits. Judging from the name, I assumed that the folks there were mainly ... Read More »

Shirley Temple: the template of child stardom

Katelyn Lamb, Content Editor    “Animal Crackers in my Soup” may be on the verge of extinction as Hollywood mourns the loss of one of their career darlings, Shirley Temple Black. Temple died of natural causes on February 10, 2014 at the age of 85. While entertainers and audiences alike grieve the passing of their round-cheeked, curly-haired star, Temple’s legacy lives ... Read More »

How to create a 7-course meal in a dorm

Macy Sliman, Staff Writer    There are many things a student can and cannot do in a dorm. For instance, one cannot participate in the popular Spanish tradition of the running of the bulls or properly entertain a French democrat in their dormitory. However, individuals can become one step closer to the latter by learning to prepare a seven-course meal in ... Read More »

Local music showcase

James Tunnell, Staff Writer    The local music scene of Oklahoma City and the surrounding area really doesn’t get enough credit. Sure, there hasn’t been a hugely successful breakout band since The All American Rejects came storming down the plains in the early 2000s, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t a bevy of talented bands just itching to be heard. ... Read More »

Hometown tour: Denton, Texas

Byron Crouch, Staff Writer    Hometowns are full of fond memories, great relationships and, of course, homes. However, many hometowns have a lot to offer even beyond old high schools and family reunions. These towns are full of fun and interesting places and make great travel destinations if you just know where to go and what to see. Read More »

Buffy vs. Breaking Bad: A faculty survey

James Tunnell, Staff Writer    In ye olden days, a person most likely would be extremely limited in their options for entertainment media. Sure, books have been around forever, but the 20th century brought about new ways to get through the day with the advent of the movie industry, television and, most recently, the ability to access any type of music ... Read More »

Eight reasons why you need to go to Puerto Rico

Celeste Forrest, Staff Writer     Are you tired of winter, dry legs, chapped lips, chilling winds and pitiful snow that does not give you snow days?  If you answered yes to one of those questions, all of those questions or none at all, you sound like a person in need of a vacation!     A vacation, you say? ... Read More »

Local is lovely

Katelyn Lamb, Content and Assistant Editor    “Local is lovely.” Perhaps you have seen the motto on cute bumper stickers or trendy t-shirts. This mantra reminds people to support their local economies through patronage of small, independent businesses. While the catchphrase is a casual way to encourage change, more formal efforts are being made to advocate “localism.” Organizations like Keep It Local OK ... Read More »

In review: The Lego Movie

Byron Crouch, Staff Writer Snippet:     A generic, non-special Lego construction worker named Emit is thrust into the different worlds of the Lego Universe three days before an ultimate weapon of destruction is released by the evil President Business. Read More »

How to beat the winter blues

Staff Writer     Hot chocolate can warm your body. Chicken soup can calm your soul. But what is the solution for a bored and depressed mind? Winter days such as we have been having the past few weeks can bring out the best or the worst in people. Read More »

In review: Tiger Lily – Won’t Let This Kill Me

James Tunnell, Staff Writer    When a person hears the term “pop-punk,” their mind will either instantly be flooded with fond memories of songs like “My Friends Over You” and “First Date,” or they are going to think to themselves “Ugh, I HATED Bowling for Soup in high school.” Ten years ago, pop-punk was the en vogue genre for angsty teens ... Read More »