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Unusual websites to pass the time: procrastination at its finest

By Kira Roberts We all spend too much time on the Internet. But sometimes it’s relaxing to just zone out and explore what’s out there. Everyone knows Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest (all some of my favorites), but here are a few other sites for you to check out. Whether you are procrastinating homework, can’t sleep, or are trying to find ... Read More »

Faith and Film offers chance to engage movies, think critically

By Matthew Wellman, staff writer Faith and Film is an event that has been going on at SNU for several years. This fall, they have showed Warrior and The Way and will be showing. The Hunger Games on November 15th. There is a committee who selects films to show to students that relate to Christianity in some way.  Spiritual Development’s ... Read More »

Mumford and Sons’ new album – has it lived up to the hype?

By Ashleigh Buchanan To say that Mumford and Sons’ new album Babel, released on September 25th, was a much-anticipated album is an understatement. Their 2009 album, Sigh No More, sold millions of copies all over the world. This album was popular among Indie music fans, as well as breaking its way into the Mainstream genre. They introduced a modern folk ... Read More »

Top five things to do in OKC over fall break

By Ronna Fisher The pace of your classes may be picking up or the general bubbly, excitement that may come with the beginning of a new semester may starting to fizzle out . . . either way, fall break is just around the corner. For many, fall break is a chance to go home, take a road trip, or go ... Read More »

Meet the SNL Emcees

Southern Nazarene Live brings together students with a wide variety of backgrounds and skills for an entertaining evening. Meet the emcees below: TYLER COPELAND From: Edmond, Oklahoma Major: Psychology What is a weird or unique talent you have? I can eat an entire watermelon in one sitting. Why do you think you were chosen to emcee? I think I was ... Read More »

Jake’s Movie Review: Where the Wild Things Are

By Jake “The Movie Guy” O’Bannon Let’s see if you all are anything like me. First, do you ever have times where you watch a movie and think to yourself, “Wow, I really hated that,” but then you walk away thinking, “Wait, I think I missed something. Maybe it wasn’t as bad as I thought?” Second: Do you ever go ... Read More »

Baker’s guide to thrifting in Oklahoma City

By Baker Pitts There’s nothing worse than an outdated wardrobe. Unless, of course, your wardrobe is purposefully outdated. Enter, the thrift store; a magical place where one can purchase previously owned clothes and trinkets at an extremely low price. And I am here to help you, dear readers, learn about the best places to thrift here in our fair city. ... Read More »

The Odd Life of Timothy Green: Are we called to be odd?

By Jake O’Bannon I saw a weird movie this weekend. That’s a stupid way to start a review, but that’s just how I’m going to do it this time. I use the word “weird” because the movie I saw, The Odd Life of Timothy Green, was in fact weird. Now don’t get me wrong, weird can be good. Weird is ... Read More »

Rear Window: Before there was Facebook stalking

By Jake “The Movie Guy” O’Bannon Life was different in 1954. That is the understatement of the century, but if you ever need to be reminded, watch Alfred Hitchcock’s 1954 classic, Rear Window. Starring James Stewart and Grace Kelly, Rear Window tells the story of a photographer named L.B. Jefferies (Stewart) who is locked in his third floor apartment for ... Read More »

Entertaining, but average

By Jake O’Bannon Have you ever been to a movie where you walk out of the theatre and you really have nothing to say? I don’t mean an “I’m speechless – I can’t believe we don’t know whether the top is going to stop spinning or not,” kind of silence. What I am talking about is when a movie is ... Read More »

Best movie of the summer?

By Jake O’Bannon Have you ever been in a church service where the pastor gives away the main point of the sermon at the beginning rather than in the conclusion? Their goal is to put out what they want you to know right off that bat – they want to make sure you know what they are trying to tell ... Read More »