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The Dangers of Sitting

In the past year, there have been several articles from high-profile newspapers and news stations regarding the perils of sitting for long periods of time. As college students who spend most of their days sitting in the classroom or doing homework, these new studies should catch our attention. “I have a night class that meets from 6 to 9,” said ... Read More »

Try It Tuesday: Super Cao Nguyen Soda

Story by David Peterson | Filming and Editing: Mike Vierow When is the last time you refreshed your palate with a cool glass of soursop? Or, maybe you prefer your refreshing drinks in the flavor of basil seed or mung bean. If you were lucky enough to be corralled into the first Try It Tuesday last week, you would have ... Read More »

In Review: Selma

Cast: David Oyelowo, Oprah Winfrey, Cameron Ejogu, Tim Roth, and Tim Wilkinson Director: Ava DurVernay Synopsis: Though the Civil Rights Act of 1964 had been enacted and had legally unified the south, the unfair disadvantage for African Americans still remained in certain parts of America. Discrimination had made it impossible for blacks to register to vote. In 1965, Martin Luther ... Read More »

Top 5 Albums Of 2014

Music lovers have a great year of albums ahead of them. 2015 will see the release of new work from Sufjan Stevens, Kelly Clarkson and Death Cab For Cutie, among others. That being said, it is worth looking back at the best music that the previous year has brought us. Walk The Moon- Talking Is Hard Releasing a summer album ... Read More »

Sherlock: Not Just Another Adaptation

The world’s best-known detective has been portrayed in different ways in many adaptations, but perhaps none are more masterful than the British television show called simply “Sherlock.” “Sherlock” began airing in 2010 and has three series so far. One would think that that’s a lot of episodes, but it turns out that there are only three episodes per series. Each ... Read More »

Album In Review: 1989

Being the ripe old age of twenty, I feel entitled to criticize what “kids these days” are into. Some of these trends are difficult to understand, despite the fact that sometimes I am a participant. Taylor Swift’s new album is heavily influenced by her target demographic. So, in order to understand “1989”, we must understand what teenagers are interested in. ... Read More »

Home is where the mortgage is

OK, so occasionally we all drive over the river and through the woods back to the campus of our sordid youth, which happens to be known by surviving classes as “Bethany-Peniel College” and “Bethany Nazarene College.” Through natural attrition (aka “homegoing”), however, “B-PC” is less and less frequently the destination of Homecoming. Bethany-Peniel College was named in 1920 under the ... Read More »

How to Survive in a Horror Movie

How many horror movies have you seen where the characters decide to do something rash or just plain crazy, only to later regret it terribly? Let us learn from their mistakes so that if it happens to us, we will be ready. How to avoid being trapped in a horror movie: Do not move into a house that is “rumored” ... Read More »

Have a Happy Halloween In Oklahoma City

Let’s be honest, Halloween is for everyone. Why should kids be the only ones to dress up as their favorite characters, pay money to be scared at haunted houses and get free candy? To ignite that childlike spirit in all of us, here’s a list of the best Halloween events happening around Oklahoma City. SNU Equestrian Team’s Haunted Barn One ... Read More »

A Dramatic Night: Shakespeare in the Park 2014-2015

If you’re ever bored on a night during August and September, a great option is to go see a production of one of William Shakespeare’s plays on the Myriad Gardens Water Stage. These productions are put on by the Oklahoma Shakespeare Company, a theater troupe dedicated to bringing Shakespeare’s plays to life outdoors during the summer months. The company gives ... Read More »

In Review: Gone Girl

Cast Highlights: Ben Affleck,  Tyler Perry Director: David Fincher Review:   “Gone Girl” is one of those good movies that will keep your curiosity and intrigue you the whole the time. This movie was performed in three genres: drama, mystery and thriller. This movie is now in theaters. The main question of this movie is what has happened with Amy ... Read More »

Yard-Saling for Dummies

Have you ever wondered how to get the best finds at yard sales? Find out how someone else’s cool junk can be your cool junk too! As a college student, your bank account is always getting sucked dry from bills, loans, gas and taxes. With a limited amount of money in your pocket, or none at all, whenever you need ... Read More »

Review: The Maze Runner

A couple Friday nights ago, I went to see The Maze Runner and was not disappointed. I read the book a year ago, and to be honest, it fell in the awkward “pretty good” category for me. I didn’t love it, but I didn’t hate it either. (Then again, I can’t really say that I’ve hated a book.) Even though ... Read More »

Album Review: This Is All Yours

I had 12 days to write this review. Every single day during that time frame, I listened to this album. I played it in my car, while walking to class and while studying. Despite my excessive listening, this album still doesn’t make sense to me. Sticky notes were covered in ideas then thrown away as my brain couldn’t quite express ... Read More »

SNU Tonight Show Preview

The Echo was given the privilege of getting a sneak peak of The Tonight Show. Here we have some short descriptions of the acts we saw that will either split your sides or leave you awed. Note: Not all acts are listed, some were not witnessed and others are being kept secret for the show. Star Wars: Skill What would ... Read More »