Chapel Credit Breakdown 2015-2016

Every year students at Southern Nazarene students are required to get 27 chapel credits per semester. According to the SNU webpage, as the only activity for which the total University community meets together regularly, “Chapel contributes significantly to seek to create and nurture a distinctive community based on Christian ideals.” It is because of this significance that SNU places such ... Read More »

SNU Student Life Shared With Parents Through Red Carpet Weekend

October 23rd through the 24th parents will be welcomed back to campus for Red Carpet Weekend. This annual tradition is a chance for families to come to the SNU campus and experience the daily life of a student. Except for the State of the Campus meeting with members of the President’s Cabinet, parents will be experiencing the campus as if ... Read More »

L.I.F.E. Grant Renewal

L.I.F.E. (Leadership Integrity Friendship Education) Student Support Services, formerly known as simply SSS (Student Support Services), has helped hundreds of students graduate with their desired degree by aiding them financially, academically and emotionally. Southern Nazarene University is pleased to announce that this program is receiving another cycle of federal funding for the fourth consecutive time. For the next five years, ... Read More »

Flowing Water Found on Mars

Early last week a NASA satellite orbiting Mars provided a game changing discovery. The satellite discovered evidence of flowing water on the planet of Mars. Scientists are happy to report that what they found may lead to many facts about the mystery of the planet of Mars. The satellite, known as Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, took images of what appears to ... Read More »

In Review: SIMS Paraguay 2015

Another of the many SIMS teams that went out this summer was sent to Paraguay. The team was led by Joel Mullen and consisted of Emily Allen, Tiffanie Sanchez, Sidney Ketchum, Lindsay Lester and Michael Vierow. Their SIMS experience was a little different because they spent six weeks of their summer in Paraguay, whereas other SIMS teams primarily kept their ... Read More »

Random Acts of Kindness

What kind of impact could you have in the lives of the people around you if you chose to serve others? Rhea Levy and Isaac Sanders decided to make a day of it. After taking the time to get simple but thoughtful treats, Levy and Sanders spent the day loving on students and faculty members of SNU. Read More »

Freshman Class Presidential Candidates

This is a very important time in the Class of 2019’s short tenure at Southern Nazarene University. SNU’s new freshman class now has the responsibility to elect its new president. This class is a lucky bunch, however. Five amazing men and one spectacular woman are stepping up and want to assume the class’s highest office. All are more than qualified, ... Read More »

Class Competitions and Retreats

Every year, SGA puts on a retreat for each class during the fall. This year, however, things are going to be done a little bit differently. Class retreats are being kicked off this year with class competitions at the 7 p.m. soccer game Friday night and the football game at 2 p.m. Saturday. To get an idea of how these ... Read More »

A Cause Worth Kicking For

On Monday, September 28th, at 6pm on the Bracken Lawn, SNU will host its annual charity kickball event, Kick for the Cause. What Kick for the Cause involves is four games of kickball going on at once, sharing a large second base. Each base is a kiddie pool, with the large second base as a larger pool. However, Kick for ... Read More »

Coffee on the Move: Junction Coffee

Parked in front of the Civic Center in downtown Oklahoma City, with a steady line of customers down one side, is Junction Coffee. This mobile coffee shop is a site that you would not normally expect to see in Oklahoma. Junction Coffee’s bright red double decker bus from England is a one of a kind mobile concept. Housed within the ... Read More »

Temporary Library Hours

Coupled with the library’s renovations and new coffee shop is the oh-so controversial temporary library hours. Since August 26th of this year, the library has been operating on a temporary schedule, from 8am-12am on Mondays and Tuesdays, 8am-7pm with the newly renovated coffee shop open from 7pm-12am on Wednesdays and Thursdays, 8am-5pm on Fridays, 12pm – 4pm on Saturdays and ... Read More »

The Remedy 2015 Experience

To get a better understanding of what the summer looked like for the other members of Remedy, I sat down with a few of the band members to catch up and talk about their summer. You may be asking yourself, “What is Remedy?” Before our first camp, I didn’t fully understand either. To sum it up, Remedy is a worship ... Read More »

Bumps, Bruises and Community: It’s Time for Ice Blocking

Sunday, September 27th, at 7:30pm the annual SGA ice blocking event returns to Will Rogers Park. In addition to a sense of adventure, you will need to bring a towel, crimson card (if you have one) and your student ID to this free event. This year’s theme is “Ice Blocking en Couleurs Oui, we like ice blocking.” In keeping with ... Read More »

A Different Kind of Sport: The Equestrian Team

To those of you who know (or those who may not know), SNU has a team that enjoys horsing around. Literally. However, do not think that it is all fun and games. It is hours of hard work for steep competitions. The Intercollegiate Horse Show Association, or IHSA, got its start in 1967 with two small teams. Today, there are ... Read More »

Go for Gold and Fight Childhood Cancer

Next week on Monday, September 21st through Saturday, September 26th, you are encouraged to go for gold in support of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. The 4C Foundation and SGA will be hosting several events during this week to show support for and to fund childhood cancer research. Throughout next week raffle tickets will be sold in the Commons for $3. ... Read More »