StrengthsFinder: discover your gifts

Rachel Whatley, Staff Writer    More often than not, it seems like we focus on areas that we are weak in. “I need to be more responsible,” you may say, “I am not good with numbers.” “People tell me that I am scatterbrained.” In contrast, when asked what we are good at, some of us cannot really pinpoint it. “I think ... Read More »

New service provides “solace” for students

Clay Milford, Staff Writer    On Monday, September 30, the Office of Spiritual Development at Southern Nazarene University hosted its first Solace service at 7:30 pm in Herrick Auditorium. The gathering included student and staff-led worship, various sacraments such as communion and a more laid back approach to what an ordinary chapel service would look like. Blair Spindle, University Chaplain and ... Read More »

Through the eyes of an international student

Macy Sliman, Staff Writer    Everyone has a story. They are all so different, and all of the diverse backgrounds we have on campus is part of what makes this place so beautiful.    Marion Brodys is from Bremen, Germany (which is in the northern part of Germany, near Hamburg – not hamburger, just Hamburg.) Her native language is German, but she ... Read More »

Formally Known as Global Vision: Go Week 2013

Grace Williams, Business and Social Media Manager    This coming Tuesday October 8th until Thursday October 10th is Go Week, formally known as Global Vision Week. Joel Mullen, newest University Pastor in the office of Spiritual Development, said    “”We want to facilitate opportunities for SNU students to go and engage their world. ‘Go Week’ captures the idea that faith and obedience ... Read More »

Oklahoma plays host to cricket invasion

Clay Milford, Staff Writer    During the months of August and September of 2013, the state of Oklahoma underwent a cricket attack of Biblical proportions. After a mild winter and an uncommonly wet spring and summer, Oklahoma has been plagued with hordes of the insect from the central to northeastern parts of the state.    Dr. Rick Grantham, an Entomologist from Oklahoma ... Read More »

Graffiti artist inspires students at Art and Design event

Jim Smith, Faculty Adviser    Dating back to the ancient workers who built the Egyptian pyramids, graffiti has been used as a way for persons to leave their mark on the world.  But what for many years was seen as an act of vandalism, has now gained acceptance as a sought after art form.  While some business owners still disdain the ... Read More »

U Singers article apology

The Echo Editorial Staff    The Echo attempts to always provide its readers with relevant and accurate information. However, mistakes happen. We would like to apologize for some inaccurate information that may have been misrepresented or misconstrued. We would like to clarify some of the information that was shared within the article “U Singers” from Issue 4, September 13th: Read More »

Snowbarger Residence Hall Community Life

Matthew Scott, Staff Writer     What does everyone say about Snowbarger? People say it can be a fallout shelter; others may say it is a home away from home, but one thing for sure is people will know that Snowbarger is SNU. If you are returning, you know what I am talking about, but if you are a new freshman, ... Read More »

New Van Gogh discovered in attic of Norwegian art collector

Macy Sliman, Staff Writer    “As for me, I am rather often uneasy in my mind, because I think that my life has not been calm enough; all those bitter disappointments, adversities, changes keep me from developing fully and naturally in my artistic career.” –Vincent van Gogh. Read More »

Remedy 2013-2014: campus worship band

Kira Roberts, Editor-in-chief Every year, students with musical gifts audition for the campus worship band, Remedy. Remedy travels all summer to different camps, leads worship for kids and leads chapel frequently during the school year. This year the mem- bers of Remedy are Shelby Oxner and Chesney Dodez on vocals, Clay Milford and Jared Gilreath on electric guitar, Caleb Swanigan ... Read More »

Recent facility improvement projects

Kira Roberts, Editor-in-chief    Each year, this university spends a portion of the budget on improving the facilities that are used daily by students and faculty.  Oftentimes, the summer is the best time to take on some of the larger projects, as students are not on campus.  Beyond just keeping up with normal maintenance duties and general construction issues, SNU has ... Read More »

O.I.L. delegation wins third best overall at spring session

Brad  Crofford, Editor-In-Chief The university’s Oklahoma Intercollegiate Legislature (O.I.L.) delegation had a successful session at the Oklahoma State Capitol from April 17-21. It won third best overall delegation out of twelve universities in attendance. This is significant as this year’s delegation was the smallest from SNU in recent memory with just three members. Read More »

Dr. Gresham, administrators answer study abroad funding questions

Brad  Crofford, Editor-In-Chief After university president Loren Gresham’s outlining of changes to the study abroad funding policy at a campus meeting last week, the students, faculty and staff in attendance had numerous questions. In fall 2013, the $4,000 and $2,500 caps for international studies majors and non-international studies majors will already be in place, but during this semester, students who ... Read More »

SNU Security discusses its role, and students share experiences

By Grace Williams, Guest writer Normally, we are taught not to trust people we don’t know roaming around campus. Luckily, some of these people are here to protect us (the ones in uniform). Meet SNU Security. SNU Security consists of a team of three full time officers, two part time officers, one full time dispatcher, four part time dispatchers and ... Read More »