Women’s Volleyball team earns at large bid to Nationals

Kira Roberts, Editor-in-chief      After a very successful season, the women’s volleyball team received an at large bid to go to the National Christian College Athletics Association (NCCAA) 2013 National tournament in Kissimmee, Florida.  The tournament will take place December 5-7 at the Kissimmee Civic Center, hosted by Southeastern University. Read More »

Students and professor perform at Civic Center with OKC Philharmonic

Kira Roberts, Editor-in-chief    On November 1 and 2, eleven music students, three alumni and one professor performed at the Civic Center with the OKC Philharmonic along with George Takei.  Among those involved were sophomore Marci Greene, senior Allie Oakes and professor Jim Graves.    According to Graves, every season the Oklahoma City Philharmonic performs different concerts that fit into their “pops” ... Read More »

Night of Redemption entertains, but inspires foremost

Clay Milford, Staff Writer    On November 12 at eight o’clock pm in Bethany First Church of the Nazarene, students, pastors and many others gathered to raise money alongside No Boundaries International in order to help combat human trafficking in Oklahoma City as a part of Night of Redemption.    The evening began with a rousing welcome by No Boundaries International founder ... Read More »

Upcoming SNU Mission Trips

Amy Calfy, Guest Writer    Have you ever been on a mission trip? Would you like to? If you have, would you love to go on another? Did God place it on your heart to take action during Go Week? Is God pointing you towards missions even now?    Well then, what are you waiting for? It is time to sign up ... Read More »

Special dietary needs in Sodexo

Macy Sliman, Staff Writer    There have been quite a few changes going on around campus lately. One of the more recent changes has been what has been going on in the Sodexo cafeteria. A specific adjustment they are making is their variety of choices when it comes to the special dietary menu to accommodate diets such as veganism, vegetarianism, lactose ... Read More »

Enactus gives students local and international community experience

Clay Milford, Staff Writer    Every year, Enactus, an international non-profit organization, helps to do what is written on the walls of the SNU business department in Royce Brown: Bring the mind of Christ to the world of business. Through Enactus, students learn what it means to be “socially responsible business leaders” and make a difference in their community.    Patrick Bonham, ... Read More »

Creative writing club kickoff

Rachel Whatley, Staff Writer    Last week, ten to fifteen students gathered in the SGA office to discuss what many of them have a passion for: writing. That meeting marked the beginning of SNU’s new creative writing club. Susie Shellenberger, editor of teen magazine Sisterhood and published author, was there to talk about her work and offer bits of wisdom to ... Read More »

Dead Week rumors: will they find a solution?

Kira Roberts, Editor-in-chief    Over the past several years, conversation about “dead week” has emerged between faculty and students.  The rumors have begun this semester, and The Academic Council has begun the annual process of coming up with a solution to this controversial issue.    Dr. Melany Kyzer, Chief Academic Officer, said, “There is no set definition for dead week.  As we ... Read More »

Academic Center for Excellence: Helping Students Succeed

Rachel Whatley, Staff Writer    It may surprise you to know that in its early stages the Academic Center for Success did not look like much. Students know it today as the overarching program home to student services like L.I.FE. and tutoring, but in 1997, there were just two professors working with mainly eight struggling students. It took the work of ... Read More »

Yearbook staff draws back Arrow for another year

Clay Milford, Staff Writer    As the first semester begins to near the last lap, we will soon be approaching the most anticipated time of the year–the end of classes. Along with that comes yearbook time, and this semester, the SNU Arrow staff is already hard at work coordinating page layouts, gathering awkward freshman mug shots and writing articles on the ... Read More »

Cabinet Chat: What’s Going to Change on Campus

Grace Williams, Business and Social Media Manager    On Thursday, October 24, Students posed questions to several members of the cabinet: Melany Kyzer, Provost, Mike Redwine, Vice President Student Development, Terry Toler, V.P. for University Advancement and Church Relations, Linda Cantwell, Vice President for Enrollment Management and Scott Strawn, Chief Financial Officer. Michael Houston, Associate Dean of Students, also attended and ... Read More »

Students attend local event and ‘Shine a Light’ for exploited women

Ronna Fisher, Content and Assistant Editor    On Tuesday, October 15, SNU students and members of the Oklahoma City community gathered at Wheeler Park for Shine a Light. The event, held by national organization She’s Somebody’s Daughter, was created to promote awareness of and bring an end to the exploitation of women through pornography and human trafficking.    Students from this year’s ... Read More »

Don’t be bored: class choices for the Spring

Grace Williams, Business and Social Media Manager    At SNU, we are required to take about 57 hours of general education classes. We are all forced to take Modern World, Christian Faith and Life, Health and Wellness, Integrated Software Applications and more.    After these classes are finished, we get to make real adult decisions about what classes to take that fit ... Read More »

StrengthsFinder: discover your gifts

Rachel Whatley, Staff Writer    More often than not, it seems like we focus on areas that we are weak in. “I need to be more responsible,” you may say, “I am not good with numbers.” “People tell me that I am scatterbrained.” In contrast, when asked what we are good at, some of us cannot really pinpoint it. “I think ... Read More »

New service provides “solace” for students

Clay Milford, Staff Writer    On Monday, September 30, the Office of Spiritual Development at Southern Nazarene University hosted its first Solace service at 7:30 pm in Herrick Auditorium. The gathering included student and staff-led worship, various sacraments such as communion and a more laid back approach to what an ordinary chapel service would look like. Blair Spindle, University Chaplain and ... Read More »