Looking for a Great Roommate?

A good roommate is essential to a flourishing college career, but having a GREAT roommate has the capability of giving you a friendship that will last a lifetime. Say your roommate this semester snores and you haven’t been able to sleep all year long, or your roommate blasts country music all day and night and obviously that is awful, or ... Read More »

In Review: Ghost In The Shell

I saw another movie! This weekend I went to see “Ghost in the Shell.” While I was waiting in line to buy my Cinnamon Pretzel, I eavesdropped on a conversation happening between the people in front of me. It wasn’t until their conversation that I was made aware that “Ghost in the Shell” is a live-action remake of an anime ... Read More »

Budgeting For College Students

A major problem college students have with money is that they don’t have any. This article will attempt to help with the crisis that is our skinny wallets and help explore the options for saving money. First, you should take stock of your total expenditures then categorize them as needs and wants. Afterwards, categorize the importance of your spending habits. ... Read More »

Prep Food, Save Money

College is a difficult time for everyone’s pocket books, but there are a few ways to make it easier on yourself. The number one thing that college students spend most of their money on is food. While food is a necessity, it does not have to be the main stressor of your daily life. The fastest way to spending all ... Read More »

There’s No Place Like Chrome

It is my duty to tell the world about Google Chrome extensions, because I recently became slightly obsessed. It is a piece of technology that has the ability to help students, like yourselves, be more efficient and productive. If you don’t want that, then what are you doing in college? Wasting your time be inefficient and unproductive? That sounds like ... Read More »

In Review: Life

WARNING: ARTICLE INCLUDES SPOILERS This past weekend I went to see “Life.” I wish I didn’t. Perhaps my mistake is that I had too high of expectations for this movie. But is that really my fault? The cast includes Rebecca Ferguson, Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds so naturally I expected a certain level of greatness. However, the all-star cast is ... Read More »

What Should I Read Next?

I recently asked some SNUdents to recommend some books to their fellow peers. The criteria for the chosen book could be one that has changed their perspective, one they have read a bazillion times, one they read for class, one that left a lasting impact on their life, one that inspires them and/or one they think the audience of the ... Read More »

Not So Beastly

You’ve seen them. The articles, many written by conservative Christians, boycotting Disney’s live action film “Beauty and the Beast” because of the characterization of Lefou. You’ve heard the arguments and probably formed your own strong or indifferent feelings about said blockbuster. “Beauty and the Beast” is based on a true story but not the kind you’re thinking of. In the ... Read More »

How To Sports: Golf

While golf may be a sport many know about and how to play it, you’d assume, that again, I am none the wiser. Actually, that is not true in the slightest. It is a little known fact that baby Mady played golf for exactly one year in middle school. There are still bookoos of golf knowledge that I still didn’t ... Read More »

A Letter To Freshmen

Dear Freshmen, Learn the value of solitude. Have fun and participate if that’s your thing. But it’s also okay to be alone, and It’s okay to not want to be alone. There’s always people in the library. (Literally always. That place is lit.) It’s okay to be loud. Just learn the appropriate places to do so. Don’t make out in ... Read More »

Perspectives on Senioritis

Urban Dictionary, the great purveyor of common man’s language, defines Senioritis as, “noun. A crippling disease that strikes college students with a strong sense of being over school and is characterized by a fixation on graduation as well as a dismissive attitude.” As a second semester junior here at Southern Nazarene University, I have begun to worry how senioritis will ... Read More »

Local Gyms: Which One Is Right For You?

College is a time where many students fall into unhealthy habits. Whether it’s not getting enough sleep, drinking sugary energy drinks to stay awake or eating unhealthy because it is cheaper, these habits can cause the body to gain weight rapidly. This is the time where many students gain an extra 10 to 15 pounds without even realizing. High School ... Read More »

Breakfast: The Most Important Meal of The Day

Everyone has heard before that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but no one tells us why. There actually is a science behind the phrase that people should know about. Even if you’re in a hurry or you aren’t hungry, eating breakfast is a better alternative than waiting. The word “breakfast” literally means “to break” a “fast.” ... Read More »

A European Appreciation for Education

As some of you may know, but probably don’t, I am one of the seven SNU students who studied abroad in Vienna this past semester. I could go on and on about how incredible it was, but nobody wants to hear about that and, honestly, I don’t want to type it all out. Plus, I’m here to share the educational ... Read More »