As I see it: Geek alert

By Patty Juliuson In every class, be it high school or university, there seems to be “that student.” You know the one. Everyone else is heaving heavy sighs and rolling their eyes at having to take the class, and “that student” is perched on the edge of her seat, notebook open, # 2 pencil at the ready, and enthusiastic, bordering ... Read More »

Presenting Jesus in a Hindu culture

By Ashleigh Buchanan During my semester abroad in India last spring, I was dropped into a vibrant culture where nearly everything was completely foreign. One of the generalizations I had about India was that it was a country of predominantly Hindus who worship multiple gods. This generalization was confirmed almost immediately upon my arrival. From the bindi dot on a ... Read More »

Our favorite answers from the NSI Fair

We were excited to be visited by about 100 new and returning students at our NSI booth! We will be announcing the winners of our Kindle and gift card giveaway over the next few days here on our website. We met a lot of fun, enthusiastic, and talented people today! Some of the answers to our survey  were especially creative ... Read More »

Serving and Being Served

By Ronna Fisher Before our nine-student mission team left Port-au-Prince, Haiti, to reach our project site in Chemin-de-Granges, our site-coordinator told us, “We are going to build a church, and if we have time we will build a building.” This perspective flavored the entire experience of our Southern Nazarene University mission trip in May to rebuild a Nazarene church that ... Read More »

Romney makes the wrong choice with VP pick

By Brad Crofford Presumptive Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has announced his running-mate. Paul Ryan, the chairman of the House budget committee and a member of Congress for over a decade, has been added as the second part of “America’s Comeback Team.” If you thought Romney was too moderate, then Ryan may seem like a great addition to the team ... Read More »