Oklahoma City brings new “Energy” to town

Saydi Dowd, Staff Writer    We’ve got Thunder basketball, Barons hockey and Redhawks baseball. Now, Oklahoma City has welcomed a brand new addition to the list of sports teams that get to call the 405 home. The Oklahoma City Energy FC is an American professional soccer team in the United Soccer Leagues’ Professional Division (USL PRO) and has recently moved to ... Read More »

Homosexuality barrier broken in pro sports

Carlos Font, Staff Writer    This world and its people are constantly changing. Today, things that were once unacceptable are become more and more normal.    For the most part, in our culture, being homosexual, lesbian or bisexual is becoming one of those newly acceptable things in the world. Sports, like every aspect of culture, are changing as well. Recently, more athletes ... Read More »

Why I believe figure skating is a sport

Celeste Forrest, Staff Writer    I remember when I was seven years old, I participated in the 2002 Winter Olympics as a World Champion figure skater.    All right, in all honesty, I never participated in the Salt Lake City 2002 Olympics as a figure skater, nor was I ever an olympic champion at age seven, but for what it is worth, I ... Read More »

FCA hosts Courts of Praise: Former OU player speaks

Saydi Dowd, Staff Writer    On Tuesday, February 18, 2014, Southern Nazarene University’s FCA hosted an event in the Sawyer Center. If you have ever attended Fields of Faith, Courts of Praise is not much different. Well, except for the setting, of course.     At every FCA event, the students or coaches in charge of hosting the event try their very best ... Read More »

Switching to SNU

Saydi Dowd, Staff Writer    Like in athletic departments everywhere, a new season means new faces, new players and new competition. These mysterious new athletes are called transfers. But with all these new faces comes a few questions. Where are these students coming from? Why are they here? Are they happy with their choice to transfer to Southern Nazarene University? Read More »

Ways to improve youth sport

Cass White, Staff Writer    Sports can be very beneficial. They teach you many lessons that can be applied and translated to life. Participating in sports builds character, discipline, poise, consistency, focus, determination, accountability, self-confidence, industriousness and hard-work–all in one. Read More »

Down the stretch

Carlos Font, Staff Writer     The 2013-2014 basketball regular season is coming to an end for both the men and women’s teams.  The men’s team has an overall record of 12-10 and 10-6 in the Great American Conference as of Monday, February 17. They have also been on a four game winning streak. Read More »

NCAA standards may conflict with SNU mission

Grace Williams, Business and Social Media Manager    SNU is in its second year of NCAA candidacy. In that time, many changes have taken effect. One change is stricter regulations for student athletes.    In July of 2012, Tammy Ikerd, Assistant Athletics Director for Compliance and Senior Woman Administrator, was hired to oversee these regulations. She has worked in compliance at Southwest ... Read More »

Black balled

Cass White, Staff Writer    Every February is considered Black History Month, and every day of this month we honor great African American leaders by giving thanks. We reflect on these powerful leaders and those who have made huge impacts in various areas. One such area is sports. We can see the influence of African American individuals by studying a few ... Read More »

Dennis Rodman vs. the American people

Carlos Font, Staff Writer    When you talk about Hall of Famers, for the most part you talk about guys that have exceeded both on and off the field. To be selected into any Hall of Fame, the press chooses players based on their contribution to their team and how they excelled as a player.  In 2011, the most controversial player ... Read More »

The dark side of the Olympic Games

Carlos Font, Staff Writer    The XXII Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia are set to begin on February 7, 2014. The Olympic games are one of the biggest sporting events in the world, where thousands get together and watch phenomenal athletes compete for their countries and give all they have for a gold medal. During the games, we see athletes ... Read More »

Taking the field

Saydi Dowd, Staff Writer    The Crimson Storm Baseball team took the field last Saturday, February 1 against our sister university Mid-America. SNU Baseball ended their 2013 season with an overall 20-25 record and a 9-21 record in the GAC. The boys are more than ready this season to jump out there and take the field. Read More »