• Bollywood Comes to SNU Again!

    Bollywood Comes to SNU Again!

    Bollywood will be coming to SNU for the second year in a row! The event will be held next Tuesday ni...

  • Who’s The Man 2017

    Who’s The Man 2017

    Southern Nazarene University’s annual “Who’s The Man” show will take place Friday, April 21 at 8:00 ...

  • Commuter Life

    Commuter Life

    How much is your freshman experience worth? If you spent the last semester on campus, you may be tak...

  • In Review – 13 Reasons Why

    In Review – 13 Reasons Why

    I watched the new Netflix show “13 Reasons Why” last week, and if you are an informed citizen, then ...

  • Local Sushi

    Local Sushi

    The Oklahoma city metropolitan area has so many restaurants to choose from. Whether we want food in ...

In Review: The Brubecks Play Brubeck Concert

It was with much anxiety that I approached Bethany First Church, across the street from the school, to see the Brubecks Play Brubeck concert. I was going to this school event to support several of my friends in choir. I heard about their practices and how constantly tired they were, but I still had no idea what to expect. However, ... Read More »

The Impact of NSI Mentors

One of the first events you must participate when you enter college is orientation. This is needed for multiple reasons, but the most important is to help new students adjust to their new surroundings. It helps smooth that transition period for many students entering into college. The New Student Institute (NSI) is a five-day orientation program here at SNU. New ... Read More »

D.C.’s Cinematic Future in the Wake of Superhero Fatigue

Two weekends ago, “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” was released into theaters, marking the next major step in the launching of D.C’s cinematic universe. D.C. has many more movies lined up for the next few years, including movies about solo-heroes and group ones as they look to form the Justice League to rival “Marvel’s The Avengers.” Whether one favors ... Read More »

Human Rights Awareness Week to Focus on Fighting Human Trafficking

Every year the Student Government Association (SGA) chooses a cause to focus on, with that focus culminating in Human Rights Awareness Week (HRAW). HRAW is a week on campus where the students, faculty and staff can take the time to gain information on and contribute to helping end tragedies that are affecting the world. This year, SGA is partnering with ... Read More »

.5k Run Promises 1636.8 Feet of Fun and Fury

It’s time to lace up your sneakers, slide on your slippers and clean up your Keens. On Saturday, April 16, at 11:00 a.m., the Student Government Association (SGA) is hosting a .5k run to benefit Rahab’s Rope, an organization dedicated to giving hope and opportunity to girls and women that have been forced into the commercial sex trade in India. ... Read More »

Bollywood at SNU

An exciting event is coming to SNU April 15. The Multicultural Student Network (MSN) organization is hosting “Bollywood Comes to SNU,” a day dedicated to celebrating Indian culture and heritage. There will be traditional food served, henna tattoos and (potentially) traditional dances performed by students. This has been a long-time wish of Jasmine Abraham, as she said, “When I was ... Read More »

Food Trucks and Outdoor Patio Life

Food trucks and outdoor patios are growing in Oklahoma City, with several events and places now available. These places generally offer nothing less than great food, music fitting the atmosphere and positive vibes. For many looking for plans on a beautiful Friday evening or even a lovely Saturday afternoon, this gives the locals here a chance to enjoy being outside. ... Read More »

Focus More Easily: Music Suggestions for Studying

It’s a habit I fall into time and time again: I sit down to write an essay but get caught up listening to the lyrics of a new album. Despite the meaning that words can add to a song, they can be distracting when one is studying or writing. For the assistance of my classmates, I wish to share three ... Read More »

March Madness 2016

March Madness, which is the NCAA Division 1 Men’s basketball tournament, is arguably the biggest sporting event of the year, next to the Super Bowl. 64 teams make the tournament. There are 32 conferences, which means 32 teams get an automatic bid to the NCAA tournament by winning their conference tournament and the other teams make the tournament based on ... Read More »

How Undergraduate Research Can Benefit You

Southern Nazarene University offers many opportunities for students across different departments to perform undergraduate research. Undergraduate research is important because it provides students with valuable academic skills and tools that will give them an advantage both in graduate school and in future careers. Performing an undergraduate research project is different than simply writing a research paper, in which students gather ... Read More »

Apathy Among University Students

It seems that in most things, college campuses are plagued by apathy. For a while now I’ve wondered just what it would take to mobilize fellow students in and out of the classroom about politics or injustice. But what makes students apathetic? Is it the heavy workload, increased stress, being extremely exhausted all the time or the combination of it ... Read More »

Staff Feature: Wakita Oliver

When you live on such an inclusive campus as SNU, it’s easy to slip into our little sleeves of comfortability. When I first got here I felt more alone than I ever had; that is until I met some people I am glad now to call friends. But that’s as far as it went. We know who we know and ... Read More »

Drone Photography

The last few years have seen the rise of remote controlled unarmed aerial vehicles, commonly called drones. With this technology comes new opportunities for photographers and filmmakers to find shots that would previously be only accessible to those with the resources to rent a helicopter. Many drones today come fully-equipped with high-definition video cameras. We sat down with Jon Hane, ... Read More »

The Origins of Easter and Its Traditions

Most people in America celebrate Easter with a church service, an easter egg hunt and dyeing eggs pastel colors. However, since the holiday’s name and all the secular traditions associated with Easter are products of its pagan origins, many countries around the world celebrate it in a unique way. There are many people who believe that Easter’s pagan origins center ... Read More »

What is CLEP and How It Can Help

CLEP (College-Level Examination Programs) exams are best described by SNU’s CLEP information site as “national standardized tests that allow students to earn transcript credit by demonstrating they have proficiency in a subject equivalent to the expectations for a college course.” It is best to have some prior knowledge of the subject you want to take the exam in, because these ... Read More »