• How To Sports: Golf

    How To Sports: Golf

    While golf may be a sport many know about and how to play it, you’d assume, that again, I am none th...

  • Coming Soon: Rugged Maniac OKC

    Coming Soon: Rugged Maniac OKC

    We all love to spend Saturdays lounging around or binge watching our favorite Netflix shows, but why...

  • A Letter To Freshmen

    A Letter To Freshmen

    Dear Freshmen, Learn the value of solitude. Have fun and participate if that’s your thing. But it’s ...

  • SNU’s New Theology Department Hire

    SNU’s New Theology Department Hire

    SNU has hired a new member of the Theology Department. Dr. Jim Fitzgerald will be the new Chair of t...

  • Perspectives on Senioritis

    Perspectives on Senioritis

    Urban Dictionary, the great purveyor of common man’s language, defines Senioritis as, “noun. A cripp...

Review of “Little Women”

It’s the last performance night, and people from all over come to fill the seats of Cantrell. Families and friends attend to show support. People are talking in excitement across the aisles, proudly proclaiming whom it is they know on stage. However, when the lights go up, the curtains pull back, and on stage are two lone performers, the crowd ... Read More »

Old Movies That Are Great for Relaxing

We all know the feeling: you finally get a few hours to yourself, but you can’t catch up on sleep or go anywhere. Or, if homework is in the way, you want something you don’t necessarily have to pay attention to in order to fully understand. So, you decide to find a movie that will make you laugh or relax. ... Read More »

School of Music Performs “Little Women” This Weekend

“Little Women” is the musical being presented on campus this week in Cantrell Music Hall. This is an exciting production for the School of Music that will be featuring some of SNU’s most talented students. “Little Women” the musical is based on Louisa May Alcott’s book of the same name and is set in the 1860s. The musical tells the story ... Read More »

Gotta Catch ‘Em All, Pokemon!

2016 marks the twentieth year of Pokemon, a massive series of games, cartoons, trading cards and more created by Nintendo. Pokemon Company International is celebrating not just on the official anniversary date, but throughout the entire year with special giveaways, promotions and throwbacks. Many members of our generation grew up either catching, training and battling with Pokemon or watching Ash ... Read More »

Spring Weather Outlook With Extreme Weather Storm Chaser

The weather is finally warming up in Oklahoma, and it looks like you will not need your jackets and sweaters too much longer. The people who love the outdoors and want to wear T-shirts and shorts outside have already had a couple opportunities to do so. With warmer weather comes severe weather, and I caught up with Meteorologist Brandon Sullivan ... Read More »

Feature Friday: Polina Chala and Judit Mas

To get inside information on the 2016 tennis team at SNU, I sat down last week with returning player Polina Chala and true freshman Judit Mas. Polina Chala is a returning sophomore from Khariv, Ukraine. After asking her what it was like her freshman year adjusting to a new country and meeting new people, she responded, “It was a big ... Read More »

So You Want to Play the Ukelele

If you have tried with little success to learn to play the guitar or another stringed instrument, the ukulele may be for you. This four-stringed fun factory is quick and easy to learn, but before you rush out to buy your first ukulele there are few things that you should know. The most important thing is that they come in ... Read More »

SNU Severe Weather Guidelines and Helpful Tips

Severe weather season is coming upon us, and with that comes much needed preparation. Whether you have lived in tornado alley your whole life, or you have grown up out of the country, it’s a necessity to have a plan for when bad weather hits. Here are some guidelines Southern Nazarene University has provided for the students and faculty. Important ... Read More »

Staff and Faculty Address Controversy at SNU

On Wednesday, Feb. 17, a student at SNU made a social media post that, while taken down thirty minutes later, has caused controversy on the SNU campus. When asked about the details of the incident, Michael Houston, Associate Dean of Students, said that he “Could not go into details of the incident because of confidentiality, and because it is still ... Read More »

Spiritual Life Retreat 2016 Is Going to Be a Good One

Spiritual Life Retreat is coming up this weekend. It begins Friday night, Feb. 26 and concludes Saturday afternoon, Feb. 27, when students return to campus at around 2 p.m. The retreat will take place at Camp Bond. This year’s speaker is LaMorris Crawford, the chaplain for the Cincinnati Bengals. Crawford is also scheduled to speak in chapel tomorrow, so students ... Read More »

SNU Crew: Have Summer Fun and Make an Impact

Every summer, groups of Southern Nazarene University students travel together to Nazarene church camps throughout our district. These students are the members of SNU Crew, and they organize fun activities and games for the campers as well as help them learn more about SNU. Applications are currently open for SNU Crew for this summer. Last summer, a total of nine ... Read More »

What to Expect from Mortar Board This Semester

Mortar Board Week has been taking place this week on campus with several events being hosted by SNU’s chapter of Mortar Board, a National Seniors Honor Society based on scholarship, leadership and service. Today, Mortar Board will be having a Pie-Your-Professor event at the front of the Commons. Professors from different departments apart campus will be participating in this fun ... Read More »

How Not to Heartpal

Some of you might have mild social anxiety. I envy you. Walking into a crowded room with where everyone has their outfit on “fleek” makes me feel like I’m covered in bubble wrap. One wrong move and the whole room will be saying “What was that?” just like Regina George (shoutout to “Mean Girls”). So, in light of that, I ... Read More »

Men’s Soccer Storms into Offseason

The Crimson Storm Men’s Soccer Team are a month into offseason workouts and have hit the ball rolling. In mid-January, the men’s soccer team started off the semester with futsal. Futsal is a modified form of soccer played with five players per side on a smaller court that is generally inside. It’s a high intensity, fast-paced game that requires quick ... Read More »