“That Dragon, Cancer”- In Review

Let’s take video games seriously for a moment. Despite any other meanings our culture has placed on video games, they are a method of artistic expression. They have the power to emotionally move us and let us see the world through many different perspectives. It may be hard to see this on the surface–there isn’t much eloquent about the latest ... Read More »

The Pets on Campus Policy

“Why can’t I bring my dog with me to college? Do I really have to leave my pet parakeet at home? Well, where else will these adorable hamsters go if I can’t keep them in my room?” All these are questions you may have heard or asked yourself while a student at Southern Nazarene University. The questions are in response ... Read More »

Best Ways to Discover Music

It’s a fact: everyone likes music. Some enjoy different genres than others and some love every kind that’s out there. There comes a point in time where your favorite music starts to get old and repetitive, leaving you on a search for new music. Fear not my friends–I have a few suggestions to help you with your quest. I’m a ... Read More »

Textbook Overpricing: What Professors Can Do

Every college student groans when they look at their booklist for the upcoming semester. Some of us are lucky enough at SNU to be able to get our textbooks and materials (i.e. lab fees, etc.) for less than $100 online, but most of us have to hand over $200 or more to pay for books every semester. Many of these ... Read More »

Parking Issues: What’s the Deal?

You’ve probably heard the complaints at some point. There seems to be a lack of parking spaces around campus. What’s the deal? The rising number of student enrollment mixed with the adult studies night classes and the numerous athletic events are all causing frustration among students. In some instances, people are forced to walk clear across campus depending on the ... Read More »

Caffeinated Peanut Butter: The New Phenomenon

First, it was selfie sticks; then, it was hover boards. But the most recent phenomenon to sweep the nation is caffeinated peanut butter. A company by the name of STEEM has harnessed the power of caffeine and combined it with people’s love for peanut butter to create caffeinated peanut butter, a product that has been sweeping the health and wellness ... Read More »

The Longboard Culture

There are many different trends at SNU. Whether it is gathering a bunch of friends to see the midnight premiere of a movie, dressing up for different sporting events or laying in a hammock somewhere on campus, there is not a more popular trend than longboarding. If you’re on the way to class or walking toward chapel, there’s a good ... Read More »

Quick Fixes for Your Vehicle

Your car is a valuable friend to you. Whether you spend hours modifying it or just hop in it to drive to work in the afternoons, sooner or later an issue will arise. As a college student with a little amount of finances, the last thing you want to worry about is finding money to fix an expensive problem with ... Read More »

Coffee Addiction

With the popularity of coffee drinks and other highly caffeinated drinks rising, some might wonder what their effects are on the body and if they positive or negative. You may not think of your favorite coffee drink as something that would be considered “addictive,” but after looking to see how much you spend a month on caffeinated drinks alone, you ... Read More »

Best Christmas Songs

Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you that I am a Christmas junkie. I literally inhale the season. My roommate and I strung up lights in our dorm, and we are definitely much more jolly and vibrant around anything red and green. Of course, we have our own holiday traditions. Luis Guerra, my roommate, watches Christmas movies ... Read More »

Baseball Field Renovations

With the spring baseball season right around the corner, what better way to start the season then with major improvements to the home baseball field? The baseball field is under construction until Dec. 20 and has many exciting renovations to highlight. The first major improvement is the double layer press box. The press box towers over the field and will ... Read More »

Benefits of Being Single for the Holidays

Maybe it’s just me, but this time of year seems to have most people in a romantic mood. That’s fine because the holiday season brings tons of cute things for couples to do like cozy up together with warm cups of tea, go ice skating or pretend to be dragons when you see your breath outside. I’m only guessing. My ... Read More »

The Last Semester

As the semester comes to a close and students’ minds turn to thoughts of Christmas and break, several students have come to the realization of how close they are to the very end of their time in college all together. Knowing several people who are leaving Southern Nazarene University after next semester, I decided that it would be interesting to ... Read More »

Much Ado About Cell Phones

We all do it. We reply to texts, check emails, watch vines, reblog photos and even shop from our phones while we’re in class. If we’re not on our phone, we’re using our laptop. If we’re not using our laptop, we’re checking our watch. Is it wrong to do this? Is it right? Is it inevitable? Is it a sickness ... Read More »

The History of the Gatorade Shower

In 2015, Disney and Pixar released a wonderful film simply known as “Inside Out.” This charming movie went inside a human mind to see the five main emotions. If someone has ever played any organized sport, they know very well that those emotions run rampant through any sport. Anger appears when something does not go the way you want it ... Read More »