• Mission Opportunities at SNU

    Mission Opportunities at SNU

    This past week at SNU was GO week. GO week is when students can learn about opportunities where they...

  • Here’s to the Dreamers

    Here’s to the Dreamers

    “We all come from somewhere. We all have a story. We all have dreams. We all have uncertainty of the...

  • A Dreamer at SNU

    A Dreamer at SNU

    (For the protection of the person discussed within this article, the name has been changed.) About n...

  • Finding the Perfect Cup of Joe at SNU

    Finding the Perfect Cup of Joe at SNU

    Whether you’re a big fan of coffee or can’t stand the taste, finding a coffee shop that you enjoy vi...

  • Insight into SNU Golf Team

    Insight into SNU Golf Team

    Southern Nazarene University’s golf team has enjoyed many years of success. There have been All-Amer...

Best Places to Hike in Oklahoma

Here at SNU, Oklahoma often gets a bad rap for those a little more adventurous at heart for having nothing to do outside. In other words, people think that there are no mountains to climb, trails to hike or beautiful sights to see. The truth be told, there’s actually plenty to do outside; you just have to look for it. ... Read More »

Short Novels to Read in Your Spare Time

Do you have some free time between writing essays and working on projects? Here is a look at twenty short novels you can get lost in when you have some time to spare. “The Outsiders” by S.E. Hinton-This book is one of the most beloved classics. Young teens living in Oklahoma experience their own kind of troubles. It is greasers ... Read More »

Water4 House Presents “The Drought”

The Water4 house is hosting its first haunted house this weekend. “The Drought” Haunted House will be open Oct. 30th-31st at SNU Imel Townhouse from 8-11p.m. Tickets are $10 at the door and $5 with two cans of nonperishable food items. It will be two fun, spooky nights with games, activities and snacks. The address is 6716 NW 43rd St, ... Read More »

5 Movies From The ’80s That Are So Bad They Are Good

I have to admit that I am a lover of “good” bad movies. A “good” bad movie is so bad and clichéd that despite taking itself seriously, it is still entertaining. The 1980’s was a great time for this genre and here are 5 of my favorites. 5. “Electric Dreams” – This movie tackles one of the great recurring themes ... Read More »

Multicultural Fright Fest

Halloween is one of the largest holidays of the American calendar. Children go trick or treating, people dress up in costumes, and you can’t walk 10 feet without running into a carved pumpkin or cheap ghost figurine that was on the discount rack at Walmart. However, Halloween is also celebrated around the world among different cultures, each in their own ... Read More »

The Commuter Dilemma

There is no doubt that the Student Government Association (SGA) plans a lot of events to get the students involved on campus. But, have you ever noticed what is often missing from these events? The answer is the commuter student. Not only is there a lack of commuter students when it comes to SGA events, but this divide also stretches ... Read More »

The Walking Dead Psychology Class

The spookiest time of the year is here, my friends. It is the season of ghost, ghouls, monsters, frights and of course… zombies! With shows like the “The Walking Dead” and movies like “Zombieland,” zombies are everywhere now. Fans of the genre can be found all around. Thankfully, at Southern Nazarene University there is a class just for those fans. ... Read More »

All You Could Wish For

In 2010, a new exciting and bold form of online shopping was created called Wish. While having a slow start, the app Wish has grown over the past five years into a major sales generator. Today Wish has been valued at around one billion in American dollars. So, what has allowed Wish to grow into the huge shopping experience that ... Read More »

The Ghost Towns of Oklahoma

Halloween is just a few days away, but for several towns in Oklahoma the spooky feeling stays year round. While there are many more, here is a look into some of the ghost towns of Oklahoma. Skedee, Oklahoma: Skedee, originally named Lemert after the family which established the town, was an early prime railroad and agricultural location. In 1909, the ... Read More »

Caviar, Complainers and The Echo

It is hard to believe, but it is already time to register for your spring classes. As you look over your many class choices for 2016, I would like to give you 5 reasons why you should take The Echo Newspaper Practicum next year: 5) The Echo caviar budget for next year will be increased by 10%. Ok, so we ... Read More »

Help Feed The Hungry This Halloween By Bringing In The Harvest

This Halloween, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., you can help feed the city by “Bringing In the Harvest”. The Student Government Association (SGA) and the SNU chapter of the Food Recovery Network will be sponsoring a trick-or-treating activity where the goal will be to collect non-perishable food items for the Jesus House. This community outreach event is new to ... Read More »

5 Frequently Asked Questions about SIMS

Now that GO Week has come and gone, many students have already decided on their plans for next summer and whether or not those plans include going on a SIMS trip. However, you could be one of those students who remain undecided about SIMS. Perhaps you are unsure about what a trip entails. To help you, I have created a ... Read More »

Human Rights Awareness Week Focuses on Hunger

Oct. 26th through the 30th the Student Government Association (SGA) is bringing the observance of Human Rights Awareness Week (HRAW) to the SNU Campus. SGA will be bringing awareness of this year’s topic, hunger, by hosting several activities and events. SGA is partnering with the on-campus chapter of the Food Recovery Network to bring awareness to the topic of hunger ... Read More »

Staying Safe at SNU

Safety on college campuses has been a hot topic for several years now. With tragic events occurring at universities all over the nation, it is understandable that staff, students and even parents may fear for their loved ones. While it is being questioned whether or not guns should be allowed on the college campus, SNU stands true to its policies. ... Read More »