• How To Sports: Golf

    How To Sports: Golf

    While golf may be a sport many know about and how to play it, you’d assume, that again, I am none th...

  • Coming Soon: Rugged Maniac OKC

    Coming Soon: Rugged Maniac OKC

    We all love to spend Saturdays lounging around or binge watching our favorite Netflix shows, but why...

  • A Letter To Freshmen

    A Letter To Freshmen

    Dear Freshmen, Learn the value of solitude. Have fun and participate if that’s your thing. But it’s ...

  • SNU’s New Theology Department Hire

    SNU’s New Theology Department Hire

    SNU has hired a new member of the Theology Department. Dr. Jim Fitzgerald will be the new Chair of t...

  • Perspectives on Senioritis

    Perspectives on Senioritis

    Urban Dictionary, the great purveyor of common man’s language, defines Senioritis as, “noun. A cripp...

Visit from Open Door Ministries in Romania

Monica is a woman from Romania who came to SNU in February to discuss her organization with the Romanian SIMS crew and the SPEAK Theme House, which is called The Open Door. This organization was formed to help the women and men of Romania who are involved with sex trafficking and to help them find a place of security until ... Read More »

How do You Become an SNU News Announcer?

The SNU news announcers are hand chosen by Spiritual Development, which is under Blair Spindle. Blair Spindle meets with the announcers every week to record and go through the announcements. He himself edits the footage for what the students view every week. Blair Spindle and Marian Redwine both expressed that they were looking for a way to get the announcements ... Read More »

Walk it Out: Walk-up Songs for SNU Softball Players

For the softball players at SNU, their walk-up songs are not simply the routine way of introducing themselves. Every year, the softball women choose a song to literally “walk up” to the plate to for their turn at bat.  To find out the scoop on how a song gets chosen and what the song signifies, I interviewed a couple of ... Read More »

The Echo Wins Best Online Newspaper & Staff Takes Home Individual Prizes

Members of SNU’s newspaper staff gave up their Good Friday off to attend development workshops and received numerous awards for their work in 2014 at the Oklahoma Collegiate Media Association’s annual conference at Oklahoma State University on Friday, April 3rd. The Echo was successful in the awards competitions for division 1A. The Echo won best overall online newspaper. Ronna Fisher, ... Read More »

Junior Candidates for the Class of 2017

President Shelby Ruest Hey (almost) juniors! My name is Shelby Reust, and I am running for YOUR class president. My hope as president would be that I would have a better opportunity to invest in the lives of others on campus and make YOUR time here at SNU more enjoyable. Because of Christ, there is a common bond in our ... Read More »

Senior SGA Candidates for the Class of 2016

President Mallory Redwine         Secretary/Treasurer Contact Marian Redwine if you are interested in this position. Campus Communications Hayley Brown       Athletic Relations Grayson Haws Social Life Katie Cosper Campus Ministries Meagan Moore Hi, I’m Meagan Moore! I have a huge passion for serving others and loving on people the way that Jesus did. I sincerely ... Read More »

Sophomore SGA Candidates for the Class of 2018

President Josh Oliver       Jaci Wise My name is Jaci Wise, and I am running for Sophomore Class President. We are blessed with a great community here at school that allows us to be involved and meet more people than we would at a larger school; we should never take this for granted. If elected, I plan on ... Read More »

Why is Prof. Rosfeld at SNU?

Ken Rosfeld, like others wasn’t born a professor, he came to SNU on a long interesting path, but just what does that path look like? At a young age Rosfeld showed interest in music recording. He played with recording equipment even while in elementary school. He grew up in a family of musicians, as well as both his mother and ... Read More »

SNU Helps Give Council Grove a Train Trip

Two freshmen in the SNU Honors Program secured a grant that enables a spring educational field trip for students at Council Grove Elementary School funded by Target Foundation.  Geoff Miller and Greg Sattler of the SNU Honors Program wrote the $700 grant for 91 Council Grove kindergarteners to go on a train ride on the Amtrak rails to the train ... Read More »

SNU Psychology Goes to Vienna

The Psychology Department sponsored their own Spring Break trip to Vienna, Austria, with students and teachers alike. One might think, “What’s traveling to a different country like, what’s Vienna like, what’d you guys do?” It’s a good thing that there were students who were interviewed to answer these exact questions. Vienna is a beautiful city in Austria, home to Alfred ... Read More »

Is Trix just for Kids?

My day to day morning rituals as a child were difficult, mostly because I didn’t like cereal; both my sister and I hated cereal growing up. Why did we hate cereal? That question is complicated and kind of hard to answer. For me, it was mostly because of the texture. I hated soggy things, absolutely loathed them. Now, it’s not ... Read More »

Tri-Beta Inducts New Members Dedicated to the Promotion Of Science

On March 11, 2015, the Omicron Phi chapter of Beta Beta Beta, inducted twenty regular members and five associate members into the nationally recognized biological honor society. In a ceremony that was held in the Marchant Center, new inductees pledged to uphold the three main objectives of Tri-Beta. These objectives are to promote scholarship of the biological sciences, to promote ... Read More »

Seven Students Win at 2015 Addy Awards

The American Advertising Awards, more commonly known as the Addys, takes entries from Graphic Design majors and professionals every year and evaluates them based on the certain qualities and standards of the graphic design industry today. On the evening of February 28, 2015, 124 of the 238 student entries were awarded with a Gold, Silver or Bronze medal at a ... Read More »