• Mission Opportunities at SNU

    Mission Opportunities at SNU

    This past week at SNU was GO week. GO week is when students can learn about opportunities where they...

  • Here’s to the Dreamers

    Here’s to the Dreamers

    “We all come from somewhere. We all have a story. We all have dreams. We all have uncertainty of the...

  • A Dreamer at SNU

    A Dreamer at SNU

    (For the protection of the person discussed within this article, the name has been changed.) About n...

  • Finding the Perfect Cup of Joe at SNU

    Finding the Perfect Cup of Joe at SNU

    Whether you’re a big fan of coffee or can’t stand the taste, finding a coffee shop that you enjoy vi...

  • Insight into SNU Golf Team

    Insight into SNU Golf Team

    Southern Nazarene University’s golf team has enjoyed many years of success. There have been All-Amer...

Tales from QERC: How I met Fernanda

Maggie Williams, Sophomore Biology Major, is currently studying abroad at SNU’s Quetzal Education and Research Center (QERC) along with 10 other Nazarene University Students. The group has been in Costa Rica since January 4th. Maggie shared some stories from their time spent learning Spanish and about the culture of Costa Rica. “This past week was full of laughter, awkward moments ... Read More »

The Dangers of Sitting

In the past year, there have been several articles from high-profile newspapers and news stations regarding the perils of sitting for long periods of time. As college students who spend most of their days sitting in the classroom or doing homework, these new studies should catch our attention. “I have a night class that meets from 6 to 9,” said ... Read More »

Try It Tuesday: Super Cao Nguyen Soda

Story by David Peterson | Filming and Editing: Mike Vierow When is the last time you refreshed your palate with a cool glass of soursop? Or, maybe you prefer your refreshing drinks in the flavor of basil seed or mung bean. If you were lucky enough to be corralled into the first Try It Tuesday last week, you would have ... Read More »

The Beginning of the Last Semester

School is back in full swing, and for some of us SNU students, that means the beginning of the last semester. And, the last semester means one step closer to being fully immersed in the real world. At some point in one’s college journey, whether it be during the last semester, after graduation or the moment one sets foot on ... Read More »

In Review: Selma

Cast: David Oyelowo, Oprah Winfrey, Cameron Ejogu, Tim Roth, and Tim Wilkinson Director: Ava DurVernay Synopsis: Though the Civil Rights Act of 1964 had been enacted and had legally unified the south, the unfair disadvantage for African Americans still remained in certain parts of America. Discrimination had made it impossible for blacks to register to vote. In 1965, Martin Luther ... Read More »

Top 5 Places to Nap on Campus: Winter Edition

Naps, wow, they’re great aren’t they? Almost everyone I’ve spoken to on campus enjoys to sleep; I myself am one of them. Napping is a central part of my day. I wake up, go to classes, eat lunch, nap, do homework, and then sleep. What’s so great about naps is that you can take them anywhere, although some naps are ... Read More »

Top 5 Albums Of 2014

Music lovers have a great year of albums ahead of them. 2015 will see the release of new work from Sufjan Stevens, Kelly Clarkson and Death Cab For Cutie, among others. That being said, it is worth looking back at the best music that the previous year has brought us. Walk The Moon- Talking Is Hard Releasing a summer album ... Read More »

Changes in SGA Executives Election Process

The election process for SGA Executive Positions is changing this year. The process has just been approved by SGA and also by the Student and Spiritual Life Committee of the University. The proposed changes come from an awareness of some discontent in the student body regarding the process as well as from considering how other colleges elect their student government ... Read More »

Library Renovations Update

The new estimated completion date for the library renovations is May 9, 2015. The project, unfortunately, underwent delays as they discovered more systems work that would be required to bring the old building back up to the 2015 safety code. The unexpected additional work has increased the estimated cost of the project significantly. While the project manager was unable to ... Read More »

Extracurricular Opportunities for Next Semester

For many of us, the beginning of the Fall semester can be seen as a time of readjustment. We’re taking time to understand new living situations, new classes and new social circles. Oftentimes, when we finally feel ready to get involved, the task of joining a new club or group so late in the semester can simply seem too daunting. ... Read More »

Good Mama, No Trauma

Your generation, my generation, is the most depressed generation the world has seen in a long time (especially its college students). With the growing use of technology and social media, the quality of personal relationships and self-esteem is dropping at an alarming rate. Young adults are showing more symptoms of anxiety disorders and chronic depression. To top it off, our ... Read More »

A Christian Perspective on Human Sexuality

Our society is rapidly changing all around us. We see it in our growing fascination with dystopia genres within our movies and books, a fixation with a culture that rejects popular trends, and music that pushes us to be everything we can be and do everything we can do. One subject that is affecting the lives of our generation is ... Read More »

10 Study Habits I Wish I Knew in College

My lovely college friends, it’s a new semester and there is time to create good habits, so here are the 10 study habits I learned in my four years at SNU. Don’t procrastinate. Let’s face it, motivation isn’t going to come from a feeling; it’s going to come from doing. Understand the purpose. I know that an A in a class means ... Read More »

It’s Time to Apply for Publications Editor in Chief Positions

Apply for Editor in Chief of  The Echo News or The Arrow Yearbook  Apply by emailing Jim Smith at jsmith@snu.edu or Melany Kyzer at mkyzer@snu.edu.  Applications due Friday, February 20th at 5pm. An interview will be scheduled the afternoon of Wednesday, February 25th.   Find out more at their booths at the student involvement fair on Jan. 29th in the commons or email Grace Williams grwillia@snu.edu ... Read More »

UPDATED: Timecar no longer on SNU Campus

The Timecar service is no longer available in Oklahoma City. It was a useful service for students for one semester. Watch the video below to find out how it used to work. Story by Marina Shipilova | Filming by Mike Vierow | Editing by Mohammad Shaikh  Read More »