Good Mama, No Trauma

Your generation, my generation, is the most depressed generation the world has seen in a long time (especially its college students). With the growing use of technology and social media, the quality of personal relationships and self-esteem is dropping at an alarming rate. Young adults are showing more symptoms of anxiety disorders and chronic depression. To top it off, our ... Read More »

A Christian Perspective on Human Sexuality

Our society is rapidly changing all around us. We see it in our growing fascination with dystopia genres within our movies and books, a fixation with a culture that rejects popular trends, and music that pushes us to be everything we can be and do everything we can do. One subject that is affecting the lives of our generation is ... Read More »

10 Study Habits I Wish I Knew in College

My lovely college friends, it’s a new semester and there is time to create good habits, so here are the 10 study habits I learned in my four years at SNU. Don’t procrastinate. Let’s face it, motivation isn’t going to come from a feeling; it’s going to come from doing. Understand the purpose. I know that an A in a class means ... Read More »

It’s Time to Apply for Publications Editor in Chief Positions

Apply for Editor in Chief of  The Echo News or The Arrow Yearbook  Apply by emailing Jim Smith at or Melany Kyzer at  Applications due Friday, February 20th at 5pm. An interview will be scheduled the afternoon of Wednesday, February 25th.   Find out more at their booths at the student involvement fair on Jan. 29th in the commons or email Grace Williams ... Read More »

UPDATED: Timecar no longer on SNU Campus

The Timecar service is no longer available in Oklahoma City. It was a useful service for students for one semester. Watch the video below to find out how it used to work. Story by Marina Shipilova | Filming by Mike Vierow | Editing by Mohammad Shaikh  Read More »

SNU’s Who’s Who students for 2014-2015

Twelve students have been selected as representatives of SNU in the Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges.    According to an press release by Sarah Roberts, “These students join an elite group of students nominated from more than 2,300 institutions of higher learning across the country who nominate each year.  Outstanding students have been honored in this ... Read More »

Christmas Traditions (And Share yours here!)

  The Christmas season is coming fast, and while I was wrapping Christmas presents as I listened to Christmas music, I couldn’t help but feel so excited for the most wonderful time of the year. As we speak, families everywhere are putting out Christmas lights, decorating their Christmas trees, sending out Christmas cards to family members and friends and celebrating ... Read More »

Thank You? Unusual Christmas Presents

As children, I’m sure many of us woke up early on Christmas morning eagerly anticipating the unwrapping of gifts. Some of us probably waited for hours by the tree, and others probably rushed to our parents’ bedrooms and woke them up so the gift opening could commence. And let’s be honest, some of us still want to wake up our ... Read More »

In Review: Mocking Jay Part 1

To be honest, I’ve never been a huge fan of The Hunger Games. Like almost everyone else my age, I read the books back when hype was being built up for the movie in 2012. There was so much hype for the series back then that it almost seemed impossible a series this big could be anything less than perfect. ... Read More »