Reasons Why You Should Consider NTS!

You don’t have to want a master’s degree just to join Nazarene Theological Seminary I understand that not everyone wants to go on to higher education to get a master’s degree. Honestly, after paying off your college debt, thinking about having to pay another $20,000-$40,000 might make you shudder. Why would you want to risk getting into debt again? And ... Read More »

Jobs for international Students

“What to do if I’m graduating and I’m an international student?” There are a few options to choose from. It is a serious and scary question for most of those who want to find a job in the U.S. and work legally. Most schools have an international director, who is informed in all those processes and procedures for international students. ... Read More »

Students Volunteer In Bethany Area During “Sophomore Serve”

On Saturday, October 25, several SNU Students participated in the second Sophomore Serve event, hosted by Student Success Services. Volunteers worked in 90 degree heat to clean up the yards and houses of many Bethany community members. The group first met together by the tennis courts, then split up into smaller work teams in order to make the work more ... Read More »

TWIRP 2014

Well, if you’re one of those students who have been waiting for weeks to get all the details on TWIRP… fret no longer! Here’s everything you need to know about TWIRP! TWIRP is on Saturday, November 8 from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. The event will take place at the Oklahoma City Science Museum. All of the galleries and stations ... Read More »

8 Things Perfectionists Do

     That’s not good enough. If you’re a perfectionist, this is probably a thought which has crossed your mind so many times that it no longer occurs to you to think it. While we might be a little crazy, we are extremely hard-working individuals who are slightly misunderstood. So, for every student at SNU who isn’t a perfectionist, here is ... Read More »

Feature Friday: Catherine Etter

Where are you from?  Originally McAllen, Texas, then Round Rock, Texas What is your major? Vocal Performance What are your hobbies/interests?  I really love music! It consumes almost my whole life! But in my spare time I do like to dance, cook, and make crafts! What are three words that describe you? Driven, responsible, loud What is a talent that you possess? ... Read More »

How to Survive in a Horror Movie

How many horror movies have you seen where the characters decide to do something rash or just plain crazy, only to later regret it terribly? Let us learn from their mistakes so that if it happens to us, we will be ready. How to avoid being trapped in a horror movie: Do not move into a house that is “rumored” ... Read More »

ROC Small Group

Over the past several weeks, small posters have been popping up all over campus, advertising a weekly small group, lead by Reaching Our City Church. Sophomore Tyler Thornton said, “I’ve never been to the group, but I’ve seen the posters. It seems cool.” Junior Austin Jenkins was able to discuss with us why the group exists, what meetings look like ... Read More »

Spring 2015 Windows Course Selection

Students at SNU are required to take a certain number of General Education courses. Some of these are called Windows courses. For students wondering what classes they’re going to take next semester, those trying to complete their general education credits, or those confused by all of these “windows” requirements, here is a breakdown of all the Windows courses being offered ... Read More »

Food Challenge: Meatless Meals

During the spring semester of last year, I watched a movie that influenced me to change my dietary habits. The movie I watched was Earthlings, a documentary in which the cruelty of humans toward animals was exposed, from the food market to the streets. After this viewing, I decided I needed to do something to impact the demand for meat, ... Read More »

Gas Prices

Cheap is a relative term when it comes to college students. Among the things that can be cheap and expensive, gas prices play a part in their everyday lives. There are three gas stations that are the cheapest as well as closest to the campus. The cheapest gas station closest to campus is OnCue Express with a regular gas price of ... Read More »

Feature Friday: Jonathan Mason

Get to know Jonathan Mason. He is in concert choir, but have also jumped in with helping during Chapel Worship Services on guitar, and leading that as well. I am a Music Ministry Intern and have previously been interning at Mustang First Church of the Nazarene, but plan on interning at Bethany First Church this upcoming year. So I have ... Read More »

Feature Friday: Khalid Alshammari

Where are you from? Kuwait What is your major? Nursing What are your hobbies/interests? Soccer, swimming, and browse social sites What are three words that describe you?  Simple,modest and hopeful What is a talent that you possess? Cooking What is your biggest fear?  My future   What is the biggest misconception about your home country? Uncivilized What is your favorite thing about ... Read More »

Feature Friday: Jin Lee

Where are you from? I’m from South Korea What is your major? I’m studying in MBA in Health Care What are your hobbies/interests? My hobbies are reading, travelling, playing soccer and tennis What are three words that describe you? Active, Adventure, Athletic What is a talent that you possess? Serving Others( I have volunteered Malawi in Africa, Laos, India, Mexico. I ... Read More »