• Bollywood Comes to SNU Again!

    Bollywood Comes to SNU Again!

    Bollywood will be coming to SNU for the second year in a row! The event will be held next Tuesday ni...

  • Who’s The Man 2017

    Who’s The Man 2017

    Southern Nazarene University’s annual “Who’s The Man” show will take place Friday, April 21 at 8:00 ...

  • Commuter Life

    Commuter Life

    How much is your freshman experience worth? If you spent the last semester on campus, you may be tak...

  • In Review – 13 Reasons Why

    In Review – 13 Reasons Why

    I watched the new Netflix show “13 Reasons Why” last week, and if you are an informed citizen, then ...

  • Local Sushi

    Local Sushi

    The Oklahoma city metropolitan area has so many restaurants to choose from. Whether we want food in ...

A Dramatic Night: Shakespeare in the Park 2014-2015

If you’re ever bored on a night during August and September, a great option is to go see a production of one of William Shakespeare’s plays on the Myriad Gardens Water Stage. These productions are put on by the Oklahoma Shakespeare Company, a theater troupe dedicated to bringing Shakespeare’s plays to life outdoors during the summer months. The company gives ... Read More »

Modesty and the People Who Police It

Monday, October 6, several notes were found around campus. These notes were delivered anonymously and were calling for women to dress more modestly around campus. The note is featured above. Naturally, there was a bit of a backlash on these notes from people on campus who found fault with these notes, both for their content and the method of delivery. ... Read More »

Not Your Grandma’s Opinion On Tattoos

A cross. A loved one’s initials. Maybe even a favorite bible verse. It’s no secret that tattoos have taken root in our college culture. In order to understand why young people are getting inked at such a rapid pace, let us look at some SNU students who wear their tats proudly. Jessica Bowie, Senior Jessica has one of the more ... Read More »

Fire Alarms

When students hear the alarm go off their first thought is ‘who did it and how did they do it?’ When the Resident Directors of the dorm buildings hear the alarm, there are a couple of procedures that run through their mind. “When the fire alarm goes off, the first thing I do is check the box that tells me ... Read More »

Roommates from Outer Space

Do you like your roommate? Isn’t that a great question? It is hard to answer the question, and there are a lot of different issues. It is hard to find that perfect roommate, but if you did found him or her just hang on her or him the whole 4 years of college. From my personal experience, I can say ... Read More »

In Review: Gone Girl

Cast Highlights: Ben Affleck,  Tyler Perry Director: David Fincher Review:   “Gone Girl” is one of those good movies that will keep your curiosity and intrigue you the whole the time. This movie was performed in three genres: drama, mystery and thriller. This movie is now in theaters. The main question of this movie is what has happened with Amy ... Read More »

Yard-Saling for Dummies

Have you ever wondered how to get the best finds at yard sales? Find out how someone else’s cool junk can be your cool junk too! As a college student, your bank account is always getting sucked dry from bills, loans, gas and taxes. With a limited amount of money in your pocket, or none at all, whenever you need ... Read More »

Emma Watson: Inequality is not just about Women

“I am reaching out to you because I need your help. We want to end gender inequality—and to do that we need everyone to be involved.” –Emma Watson Feminism has become such a hot topic in today’s times. We hear it during lunch hour discussions, in the media, in our classes, in politics. Some men and women strongly identify as ... Read More »

Review: The Maze Runner

A couple Friday nights ago, I went to see The Maze Runner and was not disappointed. I read the book a year ago, and to be honest, it fell in the awkward “pretty good” category for me. I didn’t love it, but I didn’t hate it either. (Then again, I can’t really say that I’ve hated a book.) Even though ... Read More »

Album Review: This Is All Yours

I had 12 days to write this review. Every single day during that time frame, I listened to this album. I played it in my car, while walking to class and while studying. Despite my excessive listening, this album still doesn’t make sense to me. Sticky notes were covered in ideas then thrown away as my brain couldn’t quite express ... Read More »

Enactus: Empowering Students to Help Others

Enactus is a business organization that empowers students to use the skills they learn in the classroom to make a difference in the lives of others. Enactus stands for: EN (trepreneurial): seeing an opportunity and acting on it for the good of others ACT(ion): willing to do something and see it through, even when the outcomes are not guaranteed. US: ... Read More »

Sledding without Snow: 2014 Ice Blocking

Sliding down a hill at Will Rogers Park on blocks of ice has been a thrilling and entertaining tradition for students at Southern Nazarene University over the years. This year was no different, despite the event being rescheduled from Sunday, September 21 to the following Sunday. For those of you who have never been ice blocking, it’s simple: you wear ... Read More »

SNU Tonight Show Preview

The Echo was given the privilege of getting a sneak peak of The Tonight Show. Here we have some short descriptions of the acts we saw that will either split your sides or leave you awed. Note: Not all acts are listed, some were not witnessed and others are being kept secret for the show. Star Wars: Skill What would ... Read More »

Wet Bandits: A Game of Life and Death

I played wet bandits last year and only survived for three days before I was mercilessly gunned down in front of the Commons building. So, I knew that competition this year would be as tough, if not tougher than last year. After all, more people knew me now than at the beginning of the game last year. But, I was ... Read More »