• How To Sports: Golf

    How To Sports: Golf

    While golf may be a sport many know about and how to play it, you’d assume, that again, I am none th...

  • Coming Soon: Rugged Maniac OKC

    Coming Soon: Rugged Maniac OKC

    We all love to spend Saturdays lounging around or binge watching our favorite Netflix shows, but why...

  • A Letter To Freshmen

    A Letter To Freshmen

    Dear Freshmen, Learn the value of solitude. Have fun and participate if that’s your thing. But it’s ...

  • SNU’s New Theology Department Hire

    SNU’s New Theology Department Hire

    SNU has hired a new member of the Theology Department. Dr. Jim Fitzgerald will be the new Chair of t...

  • Perspectives on Senioritis

    Perspectives on Senioritis

    Urban Dictionary, the great purveyor of common man’s language, defines Senioritis as, “noun. A cripp...

Saving Money While Away From Home

Let’s face it: it’s easy to waste money. Going out with friends can be expensive, but these moments are free of guilt before we pay the bill. That impulse buy on Amazon may not hurt at the time, but out of control spending can leave us paying overdraft fees. With so many ways to utilize the resources that God has ... Read More »

Feature Friday: Marion Broedys

Get to know Marion Broedys. Where are you from? Bremen, Germany What is your major? International Studies and Spanish What are your hobbies/interests?  I love playing golf, riding horses, being outside in any way and talking to friends and family. What are three words that describe you? Dreamer, golfer, vegetarian What is a talent that you possess? I can be a ... Read More »

Review: If I stay

What would you do if you got a chance to choose if you were going to stay here on earth after a tragic accident? What if some of the people you loved the most would be gone if you stayed? Would you choose to stay or would you go? This is the choice Mia Hall, played by Chloe Grace Moretz, ... Read More »

Student Perspective: SNU Dining

SNU Dining, our revamped food service, has been in place for a few weeks, long enough for students to start forming opinions about it. I spoke with several students to get their reviews on the new service. Ryan Hannay, a senior who has had his fair share of Sodexo meals, said that he enjoys the changes overall. Ryan likes how ... Read More »

2014 Vision for Kingdom Come

Kingdom Come is changing this year, thanks to Campus Ministries executive Ryan Hannay. This new format will take effect this Thursday night, September 11th. “I want to be pushing the student body this year to be searching for what it means for the kingdom to come,” says Hannay. According to Hannay, much of the original passion of Kingdom Come has ... Read More »

SNU Tuition Price Comparison

Unless you really, really had your heart set on SNU, you probably considered a range of other schools and possibly even state schools. State and private schools definitely have their pros and cons, including location, class size, programs or majors… and cost. Private schools can offer advantages over state schools that can make the high tuition worthwhile, but it can ... Read More »

Storm Soccer Recap

Southern Nazarene University soccer field hosted men and women’s soccer games last Thursday, September 4th. The women’s team won 2-0 over Rogers State University and the men’s team lost 0-2 against RSU. The win was a nice way to start the season. The SNU Crimson Storm women’s team finished the Thursday game with goals by Mallary Pineda, a senior from ... Read More »

It Took Three Weeks to Trash 59 years

OK, so we had flown out to beautiful California for a few days to help my 93- and 89-year- old parents move from their home since 1955 into an assisted living apartment half the size but one-tenth the age. Every decision has a “better” to offset the “worse. (There was a time in my life not so long ago when those ... Read More »

Feature Friday: Caleb Siems

Get to know, Caleb Siems, Pianist and Singer and listen to a sample of his work by clicking here. Major: Music and English Hometown: Stillwater, Oklahoma Hobbies/interests: Movies, video games, reading, baking, academic writing, imgur.com, doodling, being #TotesFab, singing, composing, chocolate, shenanigans, Dr. Who, singing louder than is necessary, making people question my sanity, making people laugh, garage sales, and searching for pants ... Read More »

Review: Guardians of the Galaxy

Snippet: Peter Quill has been an outcast all his life, especially since he was abducted by space pirates. But when he later finds himself in jail with several other outcasts (a sentient raccoon, a humanoid tree, an assassin and a serial killer) who would all like to make a lot of money and not die, he has the chance to ... Read More »

Close Coffee: Grounds 4 Compassion

Bethany, Oklahoma is the proud home of Grounds 4 Compassion Coffee Shop. In 2011, it was founded in the hope to improve the lives of people around the world and provide excellent tasting coffee. With a wide variety of coffee beans and roasting techniques, Grounds 4 Compassion has perfected the flavor qualities of their delicious coffees while positively changing the ... Read More »

What’s SNU with Chapel Announcements?

With a whole new school year comes many new renovations. We all know about the brand new addition to our campus, the J.D and Mary West Science Laboratory, as well as the revamped SNU dining, but you may have also caught one subtle change: Chapel announcements. Kevin Nixon and Austin Jenkins took to the screen as the New SNU News ... Read More »

Review: Arrow

When you think of comic books being turned into visual media, do you think of cartoons or cheesy stunts? Well, for all the comic book lovers out there, a solution has arrived in a relatively little-known actor and a vigilante who has been in the comic book world since 1941. Summary: Arrow is based off the DC comics’ character Oliver Queen, ... Read More »