• Bollywood Comes to SNU Again!

    Bollywood Comes to SNU Again!

    Bollywood will be coming to SNU for the second year in a row! The event will be held next Tuesday ni...

  • Who’s The Man 2017

    Who’s The Man 2017

    Southern Nazarene University’s annual “Who’s The Man” show will take place Friday, April 21 at 8:00 ...

  • Commuter Life

    Commuter Life

    How much is your freshman experience worth? If you spent the last semester on campus, you may be tak...

  • In Review – 13 Reasons Why

    In Review – 13 Reasons Why

    I watched the new Netflix show “13 Reasons Why” last week, and if you are an informed citizen, then ...

  • Local Sushi

    Local Sushi

    The Oklahoma city metropolitan area has so many restaurants to choose from. Whether we want food in ...

USTA/ITAs Regional Championship

The Southern Nazarene University tennis team participated in the USTA/ITA (United States Tennis Association/Intercollegiate Tennis Association)  regional tournament in Springfield, MO last weekend, September 19-21. Senior Maria Andrianova lost in singles in a quarterfinal to Patricia Husakova, from Northeastern State. Andrianova fell 6-4, 6-2 in her last match at the USTA/ITA’s tournament. The day before the quarterfinal Andrianova had a ... Read More »

What’s in a Name?: Names versus Nicknames

Our names and nicknames are in many ways the source of our identity. Whether you hate or love your names and/or nicknames, the power to choose what you will be called is a privilege that many people get to experience at some point in their lifetime. For SNU students, the legacy behind names/nicknames is no different. “My parents always wanted ... Read More »

Movie Review: The Remaining

Cast: Johnny Pacar (Tommy), Shaun Sipos (Jack), Bryan Dechart (Dan), Alexa PenaVega (Skylar), Italia Ricci (Allison), Liz E. Morgan (Sam), John Pyper-Ferguson (Pastor Shay), Kim Pacheco (Nurse Rachel), Hayley Lovitt (Southern Belle), Erin Murphy (Linsey). Director: Casey La Scala Review:   “Would you choose GOD?” This is basically an idea that arose during the whole movie. Sony’s Affirm Films released ... Read More »

Theology General Education Courses: Loved and Hated

All SNU students have to take Theology general education credits, but some of them may be more helpful or enriching than others. Christian Faith and Life, Foundations of Christian Belief, and Old or New Testament are the required theology credits under the current academic catalogue. Dianne Wade, sophomore, took Christian Faith and Life during her freshman year. “It was basically ... Read More »

UPDATE: Library Renovations: What to Expect and Why

This semester the library will be renovated to include a coffee shop, a more accessible Center for Student Success and new furnishings to better adapt to the wants and needs of all the students at SNU. To get a better understanding of what SNU students should be expecting, I interviewed Katie King, the Director of the Library, and Scott Strawn, ... Read More »

This Weekend: Class Retreats

Get to know the people who won’t graduate before you, i.e. your class, at the class retreats this weekend. Sign up in the commons during meal times to reserve your spot (1 p.m. on Friday is your last chance). It’s $2 or free with your crimson card. Freshman Sleepover: Leave from Bud Robinson at 6:30 p.m. on Friday night and ... Read More »

Four Books To Grow Your Faith

When you want to grow spiritually, the best place to turn is always the Bible. However, just like going to church on Sundays, other believers can point out biblical truths that we alone may have missed. Here are four books to read this fall that will grow, challenge and strengthen your faith. Love Does by Bob Goff If you are ... Read More »

All the Single Ladies: How to Rock the Single Life at SNU

Being single in college is never easy—particularly when you go to a private Christian university like SNU. But never fear, ladies! I’m here to give you some rules (or guidelines) to follow in order to enjoy being single until you find your knight-in-shining armor. Rule #1: Don’t try to look nice. Forget about makeup or doing your hair. Wear sweats ... Read More »

Freshman SGA Candidates

If you are a freshman, vote for your favorite candidate on Thursday. Presidential Candidates: JaVone Knox I’m JaVone Knox from Bethany, Oklahoma. I am so grateful to be a part of Southern Nazarene University. I’m so excited to be running for Student Government Freshmen Class President this year. Being able to be the leader that God called me to be is ... Read More »

Album review: Songs Of Innocence

Look at your iPhone. No, ignore that text message. Open your music app. Search for U2. You already own this album. It is impossible to separate U2’s album from the eccentric way the band released it to the world. On September 9th, U2 performed at Apple’s product launch event. Directly after playing, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced a brand new ... Read More »

Malorie Chapman: Her Story of Hope, Faith, and Victory

We all, at some point in our lives, will meet someone that will leave behind a mark on our hearts. This mark leaves such an impact that we carry it all throughout our lives. It reminds us. It changes us. It is ever present and always constant. At the end of the day, we hold this mark closely and dearly ... Read More »

Confessions of a Hypochondriac

What do you call someone who has a headache, googles all her symptoms on Web MD and convinces herself that she has a brain tumor? A hypochondriac. I have a confession to make. I, Celeste Forrest, am a hypochondriac. A hypochondriac is someone who is abnormally anxious about their health. This health anxiety is medically referred to as “hypochondria.” If ... Read More »