Introducing Jubilee House

This school year, Southern Nazarene University is introducing a new theme house on campus that is partnering with a non-profit organization called Jubilee Partners. SNU’s theme housing gets students that are committed to serving connected with local non-profits in the Oklahoma City area. Jubilee Partners supports youth in urban OKC that are in at-risk situations. The goal of the organization ... Read More »

Kingdom Comes to Serve

This last Thursday night, August 31, students from Southern Nazarene University (SNU) gathered together to worship at Serve Coffee Shop on 39th Expy across from the campus in Bethany. For those that do not know, Kingdom Come is a student lead worship service hosted by the Campus Ministries branch of SNU’s Student Government Association (SGA). The night included worship music ... Read More »

NSI Freshman vs. Transfer

The intention behind New Student Institute is to integrate students in the campus community, hopefully giving them a more comfortable transition into SNU. During NSI, students are getting out of their comfort zones and doing new things. There have been numerous opinions about NSI, mostly positive but some negatives. I spoke with two students who attended NSI: Freshman Hillary Cantwell ... Read More »

“Look What You Made Me Do” in Review

Whether you adore Taylor Swift or despise her, one cannot deny her ability to remain in the spotlight. Right when we think Swift is done evolving with her music and image, she does it again with her new single “Look What You Made Me Do.” A lot of conversation has revolved around Taylor’s new single, sound and image. In “Look ... Read More »

The Fight for Community

Southern Nazarene University’s football team bridged the gap between students and athletes on the night of August 26, bringing people of all majors and interests together to support a common cause, the legendary fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor. Unlike most universities, Southern Nazarene University’s football facilities are off campus, which often creates a gap between the student body ... Read More »

We All Start from Somewhere

Do you remember your first day here on campus? How about your move-in day? Maybe you just moved in a week ago, or maybe you’re here an extra year than you initially planned due to switching your major five times. We may have pleasant memories of these events. Are yours cringe-worthy due to your awkwardness? Perhaps you still feel the sting of ... Read More »

Athletics and SNU

The bright lights, the sound of a crowd cheering, and an atmosphere of unity in supporting a common goal of besting the opposition in football, soccer, volleyball, etc. This is athletics at SNU. As school begins to kick off, so does sports at SNU. Regardless of being a freshman, transfer, or returning student, an effective way of getting more involved ... Read More »

Carpe Diem, Freshmen

Everyone has moved in, New Student Institute has come to a close, and school for the fall semester has officially begun. Freshman year for many students is both exciting and scary, and while the days leading up to the beginning of one’s collegiate career are overloaded with information and tips, it seems that sometimes the best lessons learned come from ... Read More »

Voluntary Assigned Chapel Seating

It is a new semester here at Southern Nazarene University, and with it are coming some recent changes inside the chapel services. As of this semester, Spiritual Development is offering voluntary assigned chapel seats. The assigned seats are reserved for students who have chosen to let the campus chaplains determine a seat for them, and the students are required to ... Read More »

SNU Education Students Take STEM to Local Elementary Schools

Three SNU Education majors, Haley Ryckman, Macy Smart, and Katelynn Thompson, set out to share an exciting and fun learning experience for elementary students through a web-based, computer programming curriculum, CS-First. This program falls under the umbrella of STEM, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. CS-First is an entry-level computer science program designed and supported by Google; therefore, ... Read More »

Why I Read theSkimm

A single constant in my college career has been getting an email every morning telling me news about the world. Ugh. Boring, right? WRONG. theSkimm is a news source for people, like me, who get bored reading everyday news. Every weekday morning, I am greeted by theSkimm in my email inbox. So typically when I wake up in the morning, ... Read More »

Energy Drinks: How Do They Affect Your Health?

According to the health section in US News, sales of energy drinks and shots, like 5-hour Energy, are higher than ever. The energy drink market made over $12.5 billion in the years between 2008 and 2012 and are now soaring into the $20-$30 billion range. The easy targets for these companies are people just like you; the busy college kids. ... Read More »

SNU’s 2017 Senior Design Show

Sushi rolls

SNU will be holding its Senior Design Show on May 12, 2017 in the Parker Fine Arts Building from 6:30-9:00 p.m.. Professor Phyllis Eagle is serving as the Art Director for the show, but our own senior graphic design students are the ones putting together the program. Morgan Campbell, Jordan Babcock, Hannah Lebeau, Brittany Toone, Logan Sundbye, Ashley Grubert, J.D. ... Read More »

Bollywood Comes to SNU Again!

Bollywood will be coming to SNU for the second year in a row! The event will be held next Tuesday night, April 25, at 6 p.m. on Bracken Lawn. There will be a color festival, photobooth, henna tattoos, yummy Indian snacks, and dancing- all for free! The event was a huge success last year, and everyone involved hopes it to ... Read More »