• Mission Opportunities at SNU

    Mission Opportunities at SNU

    This past week at SNU was GO week. GO week is when students can learn about opportunities where they...

  • Here’s to the Dreamers

    Here’s to the Dreamers

    “We all come from somewhere. We all have a story. We all have dreams. We all have uncertainty of the...

  • A Dreamer at SNU

    A Dreamer at SNU

    (For the protection of the person discussed within this article, the name has been changed.) About n...

  • Finding the Perfect Cup of Joe at SNU

    Finding the Perfect Cup of Joe at SNU

    Whether you’re a big fan of coffee or can’t stand the taste, finding a coffee shop that you enjoy vi...

  • Insight into SNU Golf Team

    Insight into SNU Golf Team

    Southern Nazarene University’s golf team has enjoyed many years of success. There have been All-Amer...

Upcoming relationship weekend

Amy Lauver, Layout Editor    Are you engaged or in a serious, committed relationship? Then you are eligible to attend RENEW counseling center’s Relationship Weekend. The retreat will be January 24th-25th, and costs $50 per couple. Read More »

Students get their swag on

Ronna Fisher, Editor-in-Chief Decked out in their best swag, students will gather, like they do every year, at Skate Galaxy on Northwest 36th St. Roller Rag, the Spring version of back to school bash, is a time for students to let loose and release some pent up energy from the long winter break. Senior Jessica Harper said, “It’s just a ... Read More »

Life is a tightrope

Grace Williams, Business and Social Media Manager     “College is the greatest time in life.” “You will make amazing memories with friends.” “You can find a new identity in college.” These are all examples of advice that I heard before entering college. These words excited me greatly because I was pretty discontent and unsatisfied with how high school had ... Read More »

In review: Bistro 38

Grace Williams, Business and Social Media Manager On the last day of break my family and I tried a new restaurant because my mom had a groupon for it. We went to Bistro 38 Thai Green Cuisine, located in the shopping center with Pole Position on 36th and May. I had no idea what to expect given my family’s history ... Read More »

New Year’s revolutions

Editorial Staff     “Cha cha cha changes!”* All around, this is the tune being sung. New Years Resolutions are being made (and quickly broken), goals are being set, bars are being raised, and so on and so forth. Everyone is trying to better themselves and grow as a person. The world is cleaning up, people! Read More »

A Christ centered relationship

Macy Sliman, Staff Writer    On the way to Yukon, on the right side of the road, you might have seen the old abandoned building. To most, it is just some building that is covered in trash and weeds. But to one couple in particular, it is the start of something full of promise. Read More »

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Zach Friesen, Staff Writer    “May the odds be ever in your favor.”    This is the phrase that fans of The Hunger Games novels know by heart. This phrase is repeated throughout the novels of Suzanne Collins, which take place in the futuristic world of Panem, and have become blockbusters on the big screen as well as on book store shelves. ... Read More »

The best and worst Christmas gifts

Rachel Whatley, Staff Writer     Waking up on Christmas morning is arguably the happiest time of the year. (Or Christmas Eve, if you’re like my family.) You might know exactly what you’re going to get, but for some of us, those colorfully wrapped boxes are full of surprises. From ugly Christmas sweaters and boring socks to brand-new electronics, chances ... Read More »

‘People should not be aloud to bare arms’

Jim Wilcox, Professor of Righting    Mary Christmas, everybody. It’s time to share with you this semester’s set of bloopers. Read them at your peril. “People should not be aloud to bare arms.” (Especially when that unsightly upper arm flab flaps in the wind.) Read More »

Tell me your secrets

Ronna Fisher, Editor-in-Chief    But wait—actually, don’t. It turns out that I am a terrible secret keeper. This is something I began to discover about myself around the second semester of my sophomore year. Oh, the things you learn in college! I have gotten into quite a bit of trouble with friends for not keeping secrets very well. Since then, it ... Read More »

Why are you a fan?

Matthew Scott, Staff Writer    Just sit and imagine something in your head for me. 2011 Rangers vs. Cardinals, game six of the World Series. The game is in St Louis and the Texas Rangers are up 3-2 in a best of seven games series. They are one out away from winning their first World Series crown since the Franchise began ... Read More »

Intramural football amps up the intensity for 2013

Clay Milford, Staff Writer     Every November, students get a chance to become “legends in their own minds.” Such is the tagline for SNU Intramurals, a school sports league that offers students who do not participate in varsity sports the chance to compete against each other in basketball, softball and football, just to name a few. This year, SNU ... Read More »