Women’s Volleyball team earns at large bid to Nationals

Kira Roberts, Editor-in-chief      After a very successful season, the women’s volleyball team received an at large bid to go to the National Christian College Athletics Association (NCCAA) 2013 National tournament in Kissimmee, Florida.  The tournament will take place December 5-7 at the Kissimmee Civic Center, hosted by Southeastern University. Read More »

Students and professor perform at Civic Center with OKC Philharmonic

Kira Roberts, Editor-in-chief    On November 1 and 2, eleven music students, three alumni and one professor performed at the Civic Center with the OKC Philharmonic along with George Takei.  Among those involved were sophomore Marci Greene, senior Allie Oakes and professor Jim Graves.    According to Graves, every season the Oklahoma City Philharmonic performs different concerts that fit into their “pops” ... Read More »

Night of Redemption entertains, but inspires foremost

Clay Milford, Staff Writer    On November 12 at eight o’clock pm in Bethany First Church of the Nazarene, students, pastors and many others gathered to raise money alongside No Boundaries International in order to help combat human trafficking in Oklahoma City as a part of Night of Redemption.    The evening began with a rousing welcome by No Boundaries International founder ... Read More »

Upcoming SNU Mission Trips

Amy Calfy, Guest Writer    Have you ever been on a mission trip? Would you like to? If you have, would you love to go on another? Did God place it on your heart to take action during Go Week? Is God pointing you towards missions even now?    Well then, what are you waiting for? It is time to sign up ... Read More »

Zorba’s Mediterranean Cuisine: A new cultural experience

Brett Smith, Guest Writer    I like to think of myself as an adventurous individual when it comes to food. So when I saw Zorba’s Mediterranean Cuisine on North May Avenue, I quickly added it to my list of places I wanted to try out. I have never had Mediterranean food before I visited Zorba’s, so this promised to be an ... Read More »

Fashion piece ‘must haves’

Macy Sliman, Staff Writer    I think we can all relate (well most women can anyway…) to that morning when you stand in front of your closet wondering why your clothes are suddenly not cute anymore. Nothing goes together, you feel frumptastic and your once spotless room now looks like a war zone.    First, something that helps me is picking out ... Read More »

Thor: The Dark World in review

Matthew Scott, Staff Writer    Saturday night was a good night for me; I went to see a movie that I could not wait to see for the longest time. Thor: the Dark World was the movie, and it was a sequel to the first Thor movie that opened in 2011. The movie characters are based on the same characters that ... Read More »

Athletic Relations continues to bring campus together

Kira Roberts, Editor-in-chief    As many on campus know, Athletic Relations is a recently established SGA committee that strives to break down barriers between athletes and non-athletes, as well as encourage attendance to athletic events.  This group consists of senior representative Ben Glidden, junior rep Bekah Stewart, sophomore rep Corbyn Holliday, freshman rep Jared Seitz and a great group of volunteers. ... Read More »

Prehistoric Legends: I can’t face Facebook

Jim Wilcox, Guest Writer I just can’t face Facebook    Every time my lovely, retired wife tells me what so-and-so wrote on her Facebook page, I want to slam her i Air Pad Lap Top And Otr Thr Ltr Wds shut and toss that little devil into the Afterlife.    (It’s on her iPad Mini, too, but we like to watch Netflix ... Read More »

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor,    I must say that I was super encouraged to read the story of The boys of Asbury: reaching out to little brothers in the November 8, 2013 issue. This group has caught the vision of what it looks like to care for the orphan by being in a consistent, intentional relationship with boys that need a ... Read More »

Why I would not survive solitary and other things about life

Ronna Fisher, Assistant and Content Editor  As a young recluse, I would spend whole Saturdays reading. I would sit in one chair all day, reading voraciously through book after book, never moving except for meals or to pick up another book. When in high school, I was the friend who would never reply to text messages because my phone was ... Read More »

Is Christmas over-commercialized?

Rachel Whatley, Staff Writer    Christmas seems to come earlier every year.    As soon as Halloween is over . . . bam! Our attentions are directed toward Christmas.       Companies prey on our anticipation and use everything they can to get us in the mood and then  some. Even flavors are geared toward the most wonderful time of the year. The power ... Read More »

The Modern Art of Brain Puking

‘Nona Miss’, Guest Writer    I am in class, and the teacher tells me to log into moodle and find the quiz. I open it up and see that all of the questions are matching. Perfect.    I had just read the chapter before class. I hadn’t even had time to study the terms much–But I already knew I was going to ... Read More »