A review of Ender’s Game (the book)

By Ron Crouch, Guest Writer    Imagine you are in an outer space version of the Hunger Games known as the Battle School. You will be here for several years while constantly being monitored and evaluated. While there are classes, the main thing that matters is your performance in a zero gravity battle arena where you struggle to beat enemies who ... Read More »

Cooking on campus: pumpkin spice cookies

Shelby Wilson, Guest Writer    It is that time of year again! Pumpkin is everywhere! Pumpkin patches, pumpkin carving, pumpkin pie, pumpkin spice lattés and, my new fall favorite, pumpkin spice frosted cookies. I found the recipe to these little pieces of heaven on Pinterest. They are delicious but also highly addictive.    I know that as students we do not have ... Read More »

Once Upon a Time: a twist on the average fairytales

Macy Sliman, Staff Writer    Everyone grew up knowing fairytales. There were the classics like Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Aladdin or Hansel and Gretel. This was my childhood, and I was probably one of the most dedicated. So, as if to spurn on this childhood obsession, a TV show called Once Upon A Time has been my fix lately. ... Read More »

A restaurant that has taken too long to try

Joy Holton, Guest Writer    Monday night, October 14, I went out to dinner with a friend. When I asked him where we ought to go, he said, “Anywhere with food,” which left me to try and make the decision. Earlier he had suggested Chinese; so, I had decided on Mandarin Express. However, a few days ago I passed a sign ... Read More »

NBA preview: a look at the upcoming season

Zach Friesen, Staff Writer    As the calendar year moves closer to the winter months, a new NBA season is almost upon us. The new season does not come without drama or intrigue, with top teams atop both conferences having multiple question marks heading into the new season.    Heading into the new season, much of the attention will be focused on ... Read More »

SNU Women’s Soccer: One Goal at a Time

Alyssa Glitzke, Guest Writer    Last year the SNU women’s soccer team was the runner up at the NCCAA national tournament. This year the team has set new goals for themselves. The first is to win 10 of their 18 games this season so that they may make a reappearance at the Central Regional Tournament. The Lady Storm is only one ... Read More »

Pirates of Penzance

Macy Sliman, Staff Writer    Every year the SNU Music Department School of Music hosts a musical for the benefit of the community of Southern Nazarene. This year the fall presentation of Pirates of Penzance by Gilbert and Sullivan will premiere October 30 through November 2 in Cantrell Music Hall.    This production is an exciting and humorous tale of a young ... Read More »

Academic Center for Excellence: Helping Students Succeed

Rachel Whatley, Staff Writer    It may surprise you to know that in its early stages the Academic Center for Success did not look like much. Students know it today as the overarching program home to student services like L.I.FE. and tutoring, but in 1997, there were just two professors working with mainly eight struggling students. It took the work of ... Read More »

Yearbook staff draws back Arrow for another year

Clay Milford, Staff Writer    As the first semester begins to near the last lap, we will soon be approaching the most anticipated time of the year–the end of classes. Along with that comes yearbook time, and this semester, the SNU Arrow staff is already hard at work coordinating page layouts, gathering awkward freshman mug shots and writing articles on the ... Read More »

Cabinet Chat: What’s Going to Change on Campus

Grace Williams, Business and Social Media Manager    On Thursday, October 24, Students posed questions to several members of the cabinet: Melany Kyzer, Provost, Mike Redwine, Vice President Student Development, Terry Toler, V.P. for University Advancement and Church Relations, Linda Cantwell, Vice President for Enrollment Management and Scott Strawn, Chief Financial Officer. Michael Houston, Associate Dean of Students, also attended and ... Read More »

The Echo 10.25.13

Click here to download this week’s issue of The Echo as a PDF. Click the image below to view instantly. Read More »

Gravity: recent movie review

Amy Calfy, Guest Writer    Gravity pulls objects towards the Earth. It is what keeps us grounded. In space, there is no gravity, nothing to keep you from floating farther and farther into the universe, the great unknown, until you run out of oxygen. This endless drifting, with death hovering at the bottom of an oxygen tank, is what Dr. Ryan ... Read More »

Haunted OKC: Carey Place

Macy Sliman, Staff Writer    The air is getting crisp. Leaves are falling. Children are fighting over who will be the better Princess Cinderella. The smell of candy and desperation is in the air. It is Halloween again. While Halloween is a pagan holiday, it is still observed by most as a time for candy, costumes and–best of all–scary stories.    While ... Read More »

Walk The Moon strolls into Tulsa, leaves town buzzing

Clay Milford, Staff Writer    On October 10, 2013, Cincinnati-based indie pop rock band Walk the Moon performed at Cain’s Ballroom as a part of their national tour. The band is fresh off of a festival-filled summer and has torn through America, making a stop in Oklahoma much like several other alternative acts this fall, including Local Natives, The Silversun Pickups, ... Read More »

What are you hungry for?

   Celeste Forrest, Guest Writer     What are you hungry for?     I mean, right now?    Does a juicy bacon-cheeseburger sound good to you? Or does the sound of hummus and pita bread make your mouth water? Perhaps you are craving a warm plate of freshly made pumpkin tarts with a glass of hot chai tea? Or are ... Read More »