• Love and SNU

    Love and SNU

    Among the most pressing questions and societal pressure comes the thought of, “Why am I still single...

  • Back to Back

    Back to Back

    In 2012 , Southern Nazarene University transitioned into NCAA Division II. From then on, the team ha...

  • Mon1kers in Review

    Mon1kers in Review

    The band Monikers is a pop alternative band made up of the Southern Nazarene University (SNU) alum C...

  • Mission Opportunities at SNU

    Mission Opportunities at SNU

    This past week at SNU was GO week. GO week is when students can learn about opportunities where they...

  • Here’s to the Dreamers

    Here’s to the Dreamers

    “We all come from somewhere. We all have a story. We all have dreams. We all have uncertainty of the...

Calling all Earthlings: the day after

Amy Lauver, Layout Editor    What constitutes an “earthling?” The definition of earthling is anything that inhabits the earth. After watching the documentary Earthlings, my perspective on the world and life could not help but be changed. Read More »

The Chuck House restaurant review: best chicken fried steak in town

Grace Williams, Business and Social Media Manager    Best fried chicken in the Universe? I absolutely think so. I, as a Bethany native, have been to the Chuck House numerous times growing up, having lived near its location on NW 10th street just past Meridian (4430 NW 10th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73107). I can’t find any chicken fried steak that ... Read More »

Thrift shops near campus

Grace Williams, Business and Social Media Manager    Macklemore and hipsters agree, thrift shops are great places to buy stuff. Southern Supper and Roller Rag typically require a visit to one, but students often find good deals on normal outfits as well. Amy Snyder once found a “cute, Free People, yellow spring dress for $3.” Preston Goff found a “nice, antique, ... Read More »

Tips for surviving freshman year

Amy Lauver, Layout Editor Now that the parents have left, you have started to settle in and classes have begun, you have a newfound freedom (within SNU limits of course). Freshman year can be a lot of fun, but it can also be very challenging. This year is the start of your college career and can define how the rest ... Read More »

The Exodus Road: empowering rescue and fighting to end child slavery

Kira Roberts, Editor-in-chief 27 Million Stones Video “You know, you’re really right. What’s the point? Despite all of our efforts, all the expense, all the missions we’ve done, there are still 27 million slaves in the world.  There’s no way, there’s NO WAY we’re going to rescue 27 million modern day slaves.  It’s probably is a waste of money, a ... Read More »

Fall sports seasons: looking forward

Kira Roberts, Editor-in-chief When explained to a non-athlete, sports schedules are typically described using the words pre-season, season, off-season and summer break.  While this organizes the timeline of events, there really is very little difference in training schedules for most sports.  Sure, summer training looks a little different than when everyone is at school together under the leadership of coaches, ... Read More »

Student leaders build trust and break down barriers at LEAD Retreat

Ronna Fisher, Content Editor Before every school year, student leaders gather to plan, prepare and train for their leadership positions.  Student Leaders include Resident Advisors, Student Government Association, New Student Institute Mentors, LIFE Peer Mentors, Small Group Leaders, Student Athlete Representatives and Ministry Intern Representatives. Read More »

SNU says goodbye to Spiritual Development associates

Ronna Fisher, Content Editor This is the first part in a series about the personnel changes within Spiritual Development. Each new school year brings with it change.  SNU is no exception.  This year the Spiritual Development team waved goodbye to two associates.  The Echo caught up with former associates Rhea Woodcock and Jason Hubbert through email.  Both resigned from their ... Read More »

NSI snapshot interviews

The Echo asked around and got some questions answered from people involved with NSI and new students. Misty Jaggers, Director for Student Success The Echo: How do you pick which programming to use at NSI? Jaggers: “Each year the NSI committee meets shortly after NSI has concluded to review the program and review information from the [evaluations] the parents and ... Read More »

Chapel credit changes for 2013

Grace Williams, Business and Social Media Manager The rumors are true. Chapel credits are changing, and enrichment credits are gone.    Blair Spindle, University Pastor, explains the decision process and why we are required to go to chapel: “I spent my first year [2012-2013 academic year] observing chapel the way it was. I wanted to get a feel for things and ... Read More »

The Echo 8.23.13

Click here to download this week’s issue of The Echo as a PDF. Click the image below to view instantly. Read More »

The Echo 5.3.13

Click here to download this week’s issue of The Echo as a PDF. Click the image below to view instantly. Open publication – Free publishing – More snu echo Read More »

Types of ‘Facebookers’

Macy Sliman, Staff Writer Facebook. This social networking website has become such a norm in society that it has become almost ridiculous. The Freedom of Speech act is put to great use on this site of creepy “friending,” hourly status updates, and drama reports. The variety of Facebookers is as wide and long as the Nile. Like personality types, Facebookers ... Read More »

Baseball and Softball finish season games

Kira Roberts, Layout Editor Along with the rest of school activities, baseball and softball seasons have come to an end with the close of the semester.  Baseball finished out their season last Saturday with a record of 20-25 and softball ended at 19-33.  Read More »

‘The restaurant is completely worth your gas’

Jim Wilcox, Guest Writer All 987 of us, give or take a couple-dozen who have already left campus for counseling jobs at a number of junior high and senior high camps in the Alps and other idyllic settings, are glad that the semester has come to a mind-grinding halt. For one special friend, her entire career has come to that ... Read More »