Things to do in OKC during Christmas-time

By Ashleigh Buchanan, Staff reporter There is always a lot to do in Oklahoma City during the Christmas Season. Everyone puts extra effort into decorating their homes or businesses, and a lot of places have special events going on during this time of year. Here are some ways to make the Christmas season even more eventful: Devon Ice Rink at ... Read More »

Women’s soccer nationals recap

By Matthew Wellman, Staff reporter The SNU women’s soccer team played in the NCCAA National Championship this past weekend. They advanced further than any women’s soccer team from SNU. They breezed through the first round and semi-finals, but were unfortunately taken down by California Baptist University in the championship. It took only a single goal by Junior Kayla Thompson in ... Read More »

The Thunder Cat speaks out about fans, humor

By Brad Crofford, Editor-in-chief What exactly is a thunder cat? Despite appearances throughout the year, this festive feline is still something of a mystery. To help our readers learn more about our school’s mascot, we sat down for an interview with the person beneath the mask. When asked what a thunder cat is, the mascot focused on the interaction with ... Read More »

A tribute to my teammate, Chesney Burgweger

By Sarah Keller, Guest columnist As I’m writing this, I feel as if I am almost writing an obituary. On a day in early December 2012, Chesney Bergweger will walk across the stage and will be handed a diploma to ensure the foundation to the rest of her career goals, all the while leaving a rather large void in the ... Read More »

As I see it: dare to be different

By Patty Juliuson, Columnist I was going to write a little article about why I have a broom in my shower, but I got distracted watching people, so you’ll just have to live wondering. I think people-watching is fascinating. Sometimes you see someone who really stands out, but mostly it’s like observing schools of fish in a large aquarium. We ... Read More »

Neuenschwander honored as Mace Bearer

Ronna Fisher, Assistant editor A little over four years ago, SNU’s Mace was a walnut tree growing on SNU’s campus.  Salvaged wood from that tree, along with wood from The Tabernacle – a historic building on SNU’s campus where Nazarenes once worshipped – was formed into what is now our mace. Provost Dr. Mary Jones shared the story of the ... Read More »

Boxing Day, Noche Buena and other international holidays

Matthew Wellman, Staff reporter Throughout the holiday season, each family has its traditions. Most of them are centered on their culture. Most of us probably have never thought about what other cultures do around the holidays, so I asked three of our international students what their families do for the holidays. Mike Hearne (Wales, U.K.)  “We don’t really do the ... Read More »

The Echo 12.7.12

Click here to download this week’s issue of The Echo as a PDF. Click the image below to view instantly. Open publication – Free publishing – More crimson storm Read More »

Student respond to announcement of new Star Wars trilogy

By Baker Pitts, Staff writer The Star Wars fan base is a group of people who love the Star Wars movies the most and who deliver the harshest criticism. Because of this, there have been some very mixed reactions to the news of Disney’s purchase of Lucasfilm last month and the subsequent announcement of a new Star Wars trilogy. To ... Read More »

When I cease to be Brad: what OIL has meant to me

By Brad Crofford, Editor-in-chief For five days every semester, I cease to be  Brad. I stop wearing jeans and sweaters. I spend most of my day off-campus, leaving early in the morning and coming back late in the evening. And I love it. You see, for five days every semester, I spend my day down at the State Capitol as ... Read More »

Creepy CGI babies, mythologically-incorrect vampires and fights

By Baker Pitts, staff writer What do creepy CGI babies, mythologically incorrect vampires and an admittedly awesome-turned-disappointing fight scene have in common? If you said Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2, then you are correct! I had the pleasure of seeing the end of the Twilight saga over the break. Now, let me preface this article by stating that I have ... Read More »

Confession time: Twilight Breaking Dawn, Part Two

By Ronna Fisher, assistant editor Confession time: I love Twilight. I have been to every midnight premiere since the book series became a movie series. I wasn’t always a fan, though. When I heard about the Twilight series, my first thought was, literally, “Why would I want to read a book about vampires? That is so stupid.” But one day ... Read More »

Students talk favorite sports teams

By Ashleigh Buchanan, staff writer Webster’s dictionary defines fanatic as, “marked by excessive enthusiasm and often intense uncritical devotion.” We all know people who show “excessive enthusiasm” about their favorite sports teams. Everyone has a different level of adoration towards his or her favorite teams, but where does this love originate? I asked some SNU students why they root for ... Read More »