Prehistoric legends: moments when time stood still

By Prof. Jim Wilcox, guest columnist I was just telling the following story in class today, so I’ll begin this series of prehistoric legends with that one. When I was a senior at one of our “brother schools” in The Great Northwest, where men are men and women are mean, my brother, four friends and I squeezed into Dusty’s Pontiac ... Read More »

The Echo 11.26.12

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SNU Library announces Elf on the Shelf contest

The library will be having an Elf on the Shelf contest this year! Starting Monday, Nov. 26th through Friday, December 14th, the Elf will be “hidden” in a different spot each day (Monday through Friday). Find the Elf, snap a picture, and upload it to the library’s Facebook or Twitter page.  You will then be entered in a drawing for ... Read More »

The Echo 11.16.12

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SNU students earn scholarships for ROTC involvement

By Brad Crofford, Editor-in-Chief It’s 4:50 a.m., and freshman Meagan Green’s alarm is going off, as usual. Three mornings each week, she makes the trek up to the University of Central Oklahoma (UCO) for physical training in the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC). Cadet Green has been interested in the Army ever since her aunt and uncle went to West ... Read More »

Why I hate early decorations

By Baker Pitts, Staff Writer Since when did it become acceptable to overlook Thanksgiving? You might be saying to yourself, ‘Baker, no one overlooks Thanksgiving!’ and you would be wrong! The overlooking of the “big T” by putting up Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving has passed an all-time high as one of my biggest pet peeves and I’m going to use ... Read More »

Jake’s Movie Review: Skyfall

By Jake “The Movie Guy” O’Bannon, Columnist This review warrants a major confession before anything else can be said. And let’s be honest, I am ashamed to admit this. But it has to be done. Okay, here it goes – Skyfall is the first James Bond film I have ever seen. Go ahead; take away my Man Card and my ... Read More »

Homecoming recap: Teams win decisively

By Matthew Wellman, Staff Writer This weekend was Homecoming at SNU, which meant a busy weekend for the Crimson Storm sports teams. Men and Women’s basketball both played Friday night, and football played Saturday. The Lady Crimson Storm basketball team led off the weekend with their home opener against Southwestern Christian University. They took the lead early and never looked ... Read More »

Intramurals offer chance to connect, make friends

By Matthew Wellman, Staff Writer Intramural sports are a fairly big deal on campus at SNU. It gives everyone a chance to get out and play a few different sports and have fun with their friends and even make new ones. It can get intense at times, but everyone knows that it is all in good fun. There are all ... Read More »

Married students discuss living off-campus, offer suggestions for SNU

By Brad Crofford, Editor-in-Chief It’s often been joked that college students can only choose two of the following three things: sleep, a social life, and good grades. Some students balance an extra thing: marriage. This is the second article in a two-part feature about married student life at SNU. Another alternative aspect of life for married students is living off-campus. ... Read More »

As I see it: Riding with my cowboy heroes in my heart

By Patty Juliuson, Columnist Considering the variety of majors offered at SNU, it has always impressed me that our university has an equestrian program. If you’re looking for a career in the equine world, SNU can help you prepare. For those who don’t know a halter from a hock, there’s another aspect of this program that applies to you: horsemanship ... Read More »

Just saying: A student’s evolving thoughts on open dorm

By Ronna Fisher, Assistant Editor I never liked open dorm. In fact, I wished there would be less open dorm. There’s nothing worse then walking down your hallway unawares, listening to the high-pitched giggling of your friends and peers when all of a sudden your ears are bombarded with a baritone voice. If you’re like me (which most people aren’t), ... Read More »

The magic of concert season: When music comes to life

By Kira Roberts, Layout Editor A large number of the students here are involved in a musical ensemble and work day in and day out to perfect their music. According to senior Cindy Benton, the best way to support them is to show up to their concerts and give them an audience to perform to.  Benton has played the French ... Read More »

University’s rental properties offer affordable housing options near campus

By Brad Crofford, Editor-in-Chief When it comes to places to live near campus, there are more options than one may initially think. SNU currently owns and rent outs 46 off-campus properties. The properties vary significantly, from small apartments to a four bedroom house. Robyn Riley, residential property manager, in an interview with The Echo said, “These are properties that have ... Read More »