Eight Reasons to Get Your Yearbook Photo Taken on November Seventh and Eighth

Eight Reasons to Get Your Yearbook Photo Taken on November Seventh and Eighth

You’ve been told a picture’s worth a thousand words but let’s face it: a thousand words is too many for a busy millennial like you. But some pictures don’t have to be so valuable. Some pictures are just to get your mom off of your back or so you have something to use as a profile picture. Here are eight reasons that you should get your yearbook photo taken on November 7th and 8th.

  1. You’re a senior.

You’ve gone through four long, arduous years at SNU. You’ve worked long grueling hours on homework, staying in the library late into the night. Your spirit is broken, but your GPA is whole. You’re so close to being finished, but there’s something you haven’t done yet: you haven’t taken a yearbook picture. But you’re a senior. You’re almost out of this place, but what is the point of even going to college if you don’t have evidence in photo form? You’re an adult. You can schedule five minutes in your busy day to get to the commons and pose.

2. Your mom wants you to.

You went off to college, and now your mother never hears from you. You don’t call her enough and she’s worried about whether you’re eating. She just wants to know you’re okay, and there is no better way to reassure her that you’re happy and healthy than with a beautiful yearbook photo. She’ll probably even put it up on the fridge. The girls from Bible study would love that. She’s just so proud of you

3. Your twitter profile picture is very out of date.

During that music festival last June, you were absolutely glowing. That candid shot of you with your arms above your head, tan and carefree, was the perfect encapsulation of Summer You™. But the air has turned cold now. Your once golden aura has grown pale with the weather. You can’t rely on natural lighting for a good chilly look. Winter You™ needs a professionally taken portrait and a flattering angle. Winter You™ needs to get their yearbook picture taken.

4. Peer pressure.

You’re the only one of your friends who hasn’t taken a yearbook picture. They told me. They all went without you during the first dates. It’s not just your friends: it’s everyone. Everybody at SNU took a yearbook picture except for you, and they’re all judging you now. It’s okay though because your friends would love to get another picture taken. Just ask them. And don’t let them skip out. Everybody is jumping off this bridge, so you better get going.

5. Think of the children.

You might just have kids. Picture them now: a little boy or girl, wearing footie pajamas. They have your eyes. They think you’re the greatest parent in the whole world. They got so lucky! One day, your little one is going to wander down the hallway to your room, a copy of the 2019 Arrow in tow, and crawl sleepily into your lap. That child will look up at you with their big glossy eyes, the eyes that look like yours, and ask you why you aren’t in your own college yearbook. You’re going to have to explain to this poor, impressionable baby that they have no reference for who you were in college because you couldn’t make time to sit for a minute while a woman photographed you. OR, you could come to get your yearbook picture taken on November 7th or 8th and save yourself that whole mess. The choice is yours.

6. The yearbook editor will cry if you don’t.

She will. I’ve met her. She’s very fragile. They’re threatening to cancel yearbook next year because of budget cuts, and she’s very torn up about it. She’s convinced that if enough people come to get their picture taken, she might be able to save the program. It’s not much of a dream, but it’s hers. Please don’t break her heart.

7. The world is ending.

Guys, nothing matters. Life is very unpredictable right now. Political tensions are high, the economy is uncertain and we’ve got about twelve years before the world melts. You may as well spend two minutes with your best friends, gathered in a photo booth, dressed as Stormtroopers, getting your picture taken. I seriously can’t think of a more worthwhile use of your time.

8. You’re part of SNU whether you like it or not.

Look, you may not always want to participate, but you do go to school here. There’s no denying that. You might not like it, but one day you’ll be an alumnus. You’ll wish there was proof of your time spent here. You slept in these dormitories. You ate the lackluster SNU dining food. You skipped these classes. You walked this campus, and you got your yearbook picture taken.

Taking a yearbook picture is a right of passage, which is why we arrange a retake day. We don’t want anybody to miss out. On November 7th from 9am to 2 pm and 8th from 11 am to 5 pm, the yearbook photo-booth will be set up in the commons. Bring some friends and some props and take two minutes to get your portrait made. At the end of the school year, you’ll receive a free yearbook whether you’ve got your picture taken or not. It would be better if you did though. You don’t want to miss out.