Wet Bandits Makes a Comeback

Wet Bandits Makes a Comeback

Next week, on Tuesday, September 5th, SNU brings back a classic all-campus game: Wet Bandits. Wet Bandits is a two week event and is open for everyone to participate, whether you are a student, staff member, or faculty.

 The goal of the game is to survive to the end and be the last man standing. Each player gets a water squirter, and a name of someone else on campus that is playing. To move forward in the game, your goal is to “tag” your target with your water squirter. You can only tag outdoors and on campus, excluding areas like the football facility and soccer fields. There are prizes for surviving players; the winner gets Airpod Pros, so the incentive to survive is more than just bragging rights.

Keziah Weaver, SNU’s SIMS and Missions pastor, is in charge of running the event. Weaver played the game when she was a student and is very excited the event is back, hoping students will enjoy it as much as she did. “It’s a great way to build community and get to know people you would never meet,” Weaver says.

People can sign up until the meeting Tuesday night at 9 pm, where there will be more instructions for the event and where participants will be able to acquire their target’s name and water squirter. People can sign up using the QR code found in the Storm Forecast email or go to the Student Life office in the Commons.

Esther Sanderson, the Community Relations Lead, is the student leading the meeting and the event alongside Keziah. She also plans to participate and advises students to not take it too seriously but to also have fun and not just hide out during the whole event. “Don’t be a stickler. It’s supposed to be competitive but have fun.”

Every night Esther and Keziah plan to take “mugshots” of those eliminated that day and post them on social media, so students can know who is still in and who has been tagged. After the first week, the game area will be expanded to the outer campus facilities, to help speed up the process of elimination. Once it gets down to the final ten, those ten will be shown in chapel, so the stakes will rise as the game nears to a close. 

Time will tell if students enjoy Wet Bandits, but we have every hope that they will! We are looking forward to the fun and fellowship this all-campus event will provide and continuing this tradition for years to come.


Photo by SNU Creative