About The Echo

The Echo is the weekly online student newspaper of Southern Nazarene University and is a long-standing member of the Oklahoma Collegiate Press Association. Viewpoints expressed in the paper and on this website are not to be considered official standard-bearers of the university or its sponsoring denomination.

Editorials on the opinion pages that are generated by The Echo staff–and therefore have no byline–express the opinions of the editorial staff but not necessarily of the administration, faculty or staff of Southern Nazarene University. Personal columns with bylines as well as opinions reprinted from subscription wire services or other publications by permission express the opinions of the writer and not necessarily of the editorial staff of The Echo or the administration, faculty or staff of Southern Nazarene University.

The Echo publishes a public forum called “Letters to the Editor” and invites readers to express themselves here. The editorial staff requests that letters not exceed 250 words and reserves the right to edit them for clarity and brevity. All letters must be signed. Send them through e-mail to editor-in-chief Emma Wright through echonews@mail.snu.edu. Letters will not be returned. Unless otherwise marked, letters received by The Echo that deal with newspaper content or practice will be considered for publication.

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