How to Join SALT and Senate

How to Join SALT and Senate

Have you ever gone to a school event, looked at the decorations and students serving drinks and food, and wondered how to be a part of planning events in the future? Well, you’re in luck because SALT applications are now open. Keep reading to see how you can apply today.  

Student Activities Leadership Team, or SALT, is SNU’s team that is dedicated to making the student experience the best it can be. SALT is in charge of putting together some of SNU’s favorite student events, such as Heartpal, Broomball, Howdy Homecoming, Fall Festival, and much more.

SALT consists of various teams, each designed to serve SNU in a specific way, with a student lead that oversees each one. The teams include the Student Senators which is led by Student Body President, Chase Matson, the Sports and Rec team led by Carter Brock, the Social Life team led by Alayna Bryson, the Community Relations team led by Esther Sanderson, the Creative team led by Carson Shirola, the Finance team led by David Omosigho, and the Campus Chaplains led by Hannah Trevino.

Keziah Weaver, the Associate Campus Pastor and staff leader for the Community Relations team encourages students to get involved with any and every aspect of SALT that might interest them. “If you like sports, join Sports and Rec; if you like planning events, join Social Life; if you like design, join Creative. It’s a great opportunity to get to know the student body and get to know different types of students that you might otherwise never meet.”

Lauren Force, a graphic designer for the creative team, says her favorite thing about being on SALT is getting to be behind the scenes of all the school events and getting to see the joy that they bring to people. “SALT has helped me gain so many new friends and also grow my own communication skills. It has been a great way for me to practice stepping out of my comfort zone.“

To apply for SALT and Senate, go to, click on “Student Leadership” under the “Students” tab, then click on the link that says Student SALT and Senate to fill out the Google form. If you want to apply for multiple SALT and Senate teams, you can! You can also apply to be a lead for a team if you are interested in taking a leadership role rather than just being a team member. Applications close February 8th, so don’t waste any more time!

 For more information about SALT and Senate, go to, or visit anyone on the team in the Student Life office in the basement of the Commons.


Photo by SNU Creative