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At The Echo, we are looking for writers of all levels and photographers who are interested in a variety of subjects. Students can participate in a variety of ways.

Staff Writers

If you are interested in journalism and/or writing, then this is a great option. You have the option of taking the Newspaper Practicum course for 1-3 credit hours (most take it for 1-2). You receive 1 credit hour per weekly story. Participating in 45 minute weekly staff meetings and writing stories on a regular basis provide the best learning experience and ample opportunities to hone your skills.


Interested in contributing to The Echo but too busy for the weekly commitment? Consider being a contributor!

We are looking for students to write on a wide variety of topics, including: sports, restaurant reviews, recipes, music reviews, book reviews, how to’s, video game reviews, comics, fashion, advice column, technology, political commentary, social commentary, etc. You can write just one article or you can write every week. This option combines flexibility with a chance to be heard.


If you enjoy taking pictures, consider joining our staff as a photographer. This is a great chance to attend university events and make a meaningful contribution to our end product.


If you have ideas and skills to improve The Echo, we would love to talk with you about how you could get involved. For example, this could involve app development, website design, graphic design, use of social media, marketing, and a lot more!