2014 Vision for Kingdom Come

2014 Vision for Kingdom Come

Kingdom Come is changing this year, thanks to Campus Ministries executive Ryan Hannay. This new format will take effect this Thursday night, September 11th. “I want to be pushing the student body this year to be searching for what it means for the kingdom to come,” says Hannay.

According to Hannay, much of the original passion of Kingdom Come has been lost as it has grown over the years. “I really tried to boil down the original vision for the service,” says Hannay.

The ideology behind the service will be changed in three ways. First, Kingdom Come is going to  be showing the various ways that God shows his kingdom to his people. Hannay says, “Every night, we’ll make a point to explain how does the kingdom come through this experience we’ve experienced together?”

Second, Kingdom Come is going to be a space that is continuous. While each service will look different, the time will be used to build a community that exists outside of the one hour service each week.

Finally, Hannay is working to create a service that isn’t chapel. He argues that not all students are able to grow though SNU’s twice weekly chapels. “If [students] aren’t being fed in that kind of service, then I think we have an opportunity to provide a different way for students to be fed,” he says.

Because of these core changes, the average Kingdom Come service will also look different to long-time attendees. The idea of showing God’s kingdom in many different ways is going to be reflected through many kinds of service styles.

One constant change will be less time for guest speakers and more time for student reflection. Hannay has planned several permanent response stations to be set up in Bud-Robinson. He says, “Students, if they’re wanting to continue to come to Kingdom Come, they can respond to the same journal every week and feel like they’re adding to this story that we’re writing”.

Despite the core changes in Kingdom Come, Hannay admits that not everything is set in stone. He says, “I don’t know what every service will look like…. but I spent this summer praying and I feel like this is the vision that God gave for me for this service.”

Hannay concluded by stating that anybody with ideas for the direction of Kingdom Come should feel free to speak. Students can be heard by speaking to Ryan Hannay or any of the campus ministries class executives.

Kingdom Come is every Thursday at 9:00 p.m. in the Bud Robinson room.

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