UPDATED: 2015-2016 SGA Executive Candidates

UPDATED: 2015-2016 SGA Executive Candidates

Elections for the executive positions for Student Government Association will be chosen by you through an online vote that will happen on Thursday (March 12th) after the candidates speak in chapel. You will have a chance to talk to all the candidates at the candidate fair in the commons from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. on Wednesday (March 11th). Make sure you get to know those who will be representing you.

Candidates for President:

Luke McGrathLuke McGrath

I would love to be your next Student Body President. I am a political science major and will be a junior this fall. I want to be your President because I want to serve YOU. I want to serve and represent this student body in every possible way that I can. I believe that the diversity of this campus is something to be celebrated, not brushed aside. We are a campus full of artists, mathematicians, athletes, musicians and so much more. I would like to say how deeply I care for, and respect, this institution. I love SNU; it has been very good to me, and I want nothing less than the best for this university. And, I would be deeply honored with the opportunity to serve this school in this way, as your student body president. Thank you very much.


Mandie OliverMandie Oliver

I am running for Student Body President because I care. I care about the people here on campus and helping you in whatever way you need. In my past leadership experience on SGA and as an RA, I have learned – among other things – to be responsible, create community with others and work hard to help those around me. Each of these is vital to the presidential role, and I would be grateful for the opportunity to do so for our entire student body. As president, I would plan to act as a voice for everyone on campus and support my executive team.

Athletic Relations Candidates:

Austin JonesAustin Jones

Hey guys, If you don’t already know me, my name is Austin Jones from Tulsa, Oklahoma.  I am running for Athletic Relations Exec because I have a huge heart for sports and a huge heart for school spirit. If I get elected for this position, I promise to bring a level of school spirit to SNU that people have never seen.  I want people to look forward to going to athletic events and supporting our athletes.  I truly believe that loud student sections and rowdy fans can be some of the most memorable things in a student’s college career.  I want to thank all my friends and students for being the real MVPs and giving me the courage and strength to run for this position.


Timothy Riggs

Timothy Riggs

Next year will be my fifth year here at SNU. I’m a theology major with a minor in history. I was able to take over as athletic relations exec this year. It has been an incredible learning process and an enlightening one. I am passionate about running for the position again because I am able to recognize the potential that our student body has for unification. I can’t do it alone and I am asking for your help. The goal isn’t just about getting a lot of people to our sporting events, it is more about creating relationships that last forever. We are all a part of SNU; we eat at the same place, sit in the same classrooms, and live in the same dorms. So let’s live life together, rather than just exist around each other.  Let’s be a study body that other schools envy. ROLLSTORM!!

Social Life Candidates:

Mallory RedwineMallory Redwine

Hey Guys! My name is Mallory Redwine and I am running for V.P. of Social Life. My hope for this year would be that we would have a better turn out at weekly Social Life meetings this year than we ever have. For those whose schedules do not allow them to be able to make it to these meetings, I plan on setting up a system to where the student body may submit ideas for each of our events. This may be suggestions such as theme ideas, venue ideas, even food suggestions. I want our events to be customized and fit to what our student body wants, as best as we can!

Kristen Stangeland

Kristen Stangeland

I’m so excited and honored to be running for Social Life VP for the upcoming year! Being in a leadership position is not something that is new to me. During my college career, I have gotten the opportunity to serve as an NSI mentor for the past two years, serve as a member of the SpeakHouse, and I am currently serving as the Junior Class Social Life Representative. I have learned what it takes to plan and put on an event. My goal for the upcoming year is simple: let’s push the boundaries on our events here at SNU. Let’s dream big, get creative, and work together to make these events next year the best they can be. One thing that is so vital to making these events what you want is communication. I am open to all suggestions and comments! And remember . . . DONUT FORGET TO VOTE KRISTEN SOCIAL LIFE VP!


DannahDannah White

Hello SNU! This position of VP of Social Life is important to me because I have always loved being involved, and I thrive when I am faced with challenges and tasks to complete, such as planning events for this school. I will provide opportunities for you to connect with many students on campus and build new friendships, contribute hard work, and give you my full commitment if I am elected as Social Life VP. Showing all of you that I can be efficient and responsible with every challenge I am faced with is something I will strive to accomplish. I am so thankful for this opportunity, and I hope each of you takes the time to go vote Dannah White for Social Life!

Campus Ministries Candidates:

Andrea CastanedaAndrea Castaneda

As a student at SNU, I have seen the obvious but all too often forgotten fact—we all carry burdens that are too heavy to carry on our own. As campus ministries exec, I would focus on working to create an atmosphere and culture of openness and brokenness with one another in hopes of lightening each other’s burdens and growing in deep and genuine community. I am also aware that we are a Christian university in the middle of a struggling neighborhood. The statistics are staggering. As exec I would also work to create opportunities for our community to be the light to the darkness that can be found not even half a block away from us.

Aaron Harding

Aaron Harding

I am running because I believe that I am capable of being effective in this role, and more importantly, because I am someone who will be actively working to create a community that cares about the needs of its members. Our school has many resources that I want to see students equipped with so they can channel their passions and gifts into ministries of their own, bringing greater diversity in how we approach reaching our world. I love being a part of our community and the vibrant faith that it represents, and I want to see it continue to grow.

Matthew Lawrence

Matthew Lawrence

I am a third-year, double major in Pre-physical therapy and Missions. I play soccer for the men’s soccer team and I am also their SAAC representative. This would be my first time to be in such a critical leadership role but I am excited to be able to serve the SNU community. If I am elected to Campus Ministries, I would love to take each and every one of us on a journey of who we are. It’s one that I have been on recently and I am still pressing on. The crazy thing is that I have realized is that the further you allow God to show you who you are and you were created to be is the more that you lose yourself. Therefore, I would love to have the opportunity to direct or guide anyone who wants to take those first few steps because at the end of the day this is a journey between you and God. 

Candidates that will be chosen by SGA through an interview process:


Mady Martin

Office Administrator:

Jacob Kozanecki

Lindsey Fudge

Malori McWilliams


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