2018 Spring Break Ideas

2018 Spring Break Ideas

Spring Break is coming up quick and many students are wondering what to do with their vacation.

So to answer this question, I have comprised a pile of spring break ideas based on how much you are willing to spend for a five-day trip. These ideas come from a number of sources and prices may vary based on travel time and the number of people going. These numbers are based on a single person figure for five days.

$1000 +

These ideas are for people that have a decent amount of disposable income and aren’t afraid to take a sizable trip places:

Myrtle beach- A common spring break stop for spring breakers, this is a very beautiful place to visit for someone on a budget. It’s very simple to drive there and find a decent hotel or B&B nearby. You will have to hurry and book now because spots fill up quickly, and one should be aware of the large crowds that are sure to accompany you (yuck).

Nashville, Tennessee- This location is surprisingly cheap for the amount of activity you can do here. Depending on your bundle, you can visit all the museums and eat well for under $1,000. There’s plenty of concerts and other activities for those that are more restless like me.

Cozumel, Cruise- One of the most fun, cheap options is a Cozumel cruise. This one could be featured on my $200-$500 range, but if you want to have extra activities, you will have to spend a bit more. You can get all the joys of the cruise and then enjoy the sights and activities in Cozumel.


Austin, Texas- This is the city full of hidden activities and wouldn’t break the bank to go see. If you stay three nights instead of four, it will help keep you within that $500 dollar range and can be made way cheaper by traveling with a group. There are Segway tours, art galleries, concerts and many more local activities that can add up to a worthwhile trip that will be quite memorable.

Waco/San Antonio/Houston, Texas- This could be an addition to the Austin trip, but visiting these other cities in any combination would be doable. Float the river, go to the art tour, see the Dr. Pepper factory and beaches are just a few of the activities to name. They each have a special charm and personality that appeal to every individual.

Branson, Missouri- Silver Dollar City, shopping outlets and shows are a small portion of what Branson, Missouri has to offer. If you’re looking for a calmer spring break that doesn’t require you to exert yourself too much, this is one of the best options.


This is the side that the majority of college students will tend to gravitate toward. This will require more effort but will be hypothetically more rewarding.

Colorado: Camping- This is probably the most common for many college students. This requires having the necessary equipment and money for cooking and gas. There are many great places to set up camp depending on what you prefer. If you like hiking, fishing, or if you’re willing to fork over a little capital, rafting. This is one of the most beautiful places to visit but it requires a lot of planning and effort.

Tahlequah, Oklahoma- This is a decent camping spot with the added benefit of floating the Illinois River. This location doesn’t the awe-inspiring beauty of Colorado, but it is closer and has higher convenience factor.

Go Home- Sometimes the best thing to do is just go home. If you live out of state you can go months without seeing your family and it’s always a good fallback plan.

So whatever meets your fancy (or more importantly your wallet), go out there and explore. This is the time to explore and try new things. Good luck and safe travels.

(Photo by  Sai Kiran Anagani from Unsplash)