5 Frequently Asked Questions about SIMS

5 Frequently Asked Questions about SIMS

Now that GO Week has come and gone, many students have already decided on their plans for next summer and whether or not those plans include going on a SIMS trip. However, you could be one of those students who remain undecided about SIMS. Perhaps you are unsure about what a trip entails. To help you, I have created a list of frequently asked questions that I have answered for you.

1. Where will I go?

The list of locations chosen for summer 2016 covers the globe. Selecting even one would be a tough decision. Luckily, you will be able to choose three locations in order of your preference and then be chosen for the best team that suits you. Each place has a brief description of the people and the task that awaits there. So, think of all the places you could go, do some research and pray about it. If it comes down to it, take out a map, close your eyes, spin around and point. If you are willing to go, you can be used anywhere in the world.

2. How will I pay for it?

The financial burden of the trip is a big thing to consider, but it should not keep you from going. You should have a plan. The best thing to do is ask. Ask friends and family for financial support. Many students on past trips have been surprised by the gifts they have received from people they know. Still, that’s not all you can do. Here’s where you get to be creative.

3. What will I do once I’m there?

Everyone who comes back from a SIMS experience has a very different story to tell about the time they spent in other states or countries. That is because each team is given different instructions, each team faces different challenges, and each team visits a completely different place.

4. What will I change?

The answer to this question is totally on you. Should you choose to join any SIMS team, your attitude, energy and ability to love will be tools of change for you.

5. So, how do I go?

To start, fill out the application. To get answers to all of your questions, talk with Joel Mullen or anyone on the Spiritual Development team. You could also go to anyone who has previously been on a SIMS trip to get the full scoop on all the details. Keep in mind, however, every SIMS experience is very different.

So, if you’re still on the fence, consider the answers to these questions you may have or have not asked. Comment with more questions if you have them!

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