A Look into MSO

A Look into MSO

This week I spoke to Director of Southern Nazarene’s Multicultural Student Organization Kenneth West, and he gave me further insight of their club’s mission and what we can look forward to as a student community in the near future.

MSO was started to create awareness around campus to show that our school has different students from a multitude of diverse backgrounds.

One goal that they aspire for is to reach out to all students that would like to celebrate the many cultures that our students offer to our school.

In my interview with Mr. West, he stated, “‘Love my culture and I’m loved by Christ’ is our slogan or narrative that we are pushing. One thing that we would want people to understand is that all cultures are welcome to join us. That is the whole premise, openness to all cultures who want to respect and love other cultures.”

Last semester the first kickoff event he was a part of was the MSO Celebration Night. It was composed of several games (dunk tanks, obstacle contest, dancing and music followed by a dunk contest).

By the end of the night, the total number of students in attendance totaled over 100 with request from the student body in hopes for more fun events.

There was also an MSO discussion night that was held in the Heritage room by Oxford Graduate Dr. Spencer Ledbetter.

West told us, “It was a 30-minute discussion that we had to cut off at an hour because of so much student participation.” He will be returning, however, in the spring of 2018 due to overwhelming requests.

We are also developing an international student organization and look forward to more from them in Spring 2018.

“One of the great things about the MSO team is that we are open to ideas. We would love students to participate and we will utilize all the talents we can get our hands on.”

Please feel free to reach out to either of us via email.

Director: Kenneth West

President: Jalisa Williams

Vice President: Carlos Anguiano

Notable assistants and planners: Jacob Spady, Sydney Toilolo

(Photo Courtesy of Google Image)