All-Star Weekend

All-Star Weekend

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to see Dr. Samples play basketball? Our president Dr. Newman coach a team? Jhonathan Dunn try to referee? Or Immanuel Brooks commentate a sporting event? Then come on out to All-Star Weekend!

All-Star Weekend is a new event on campus created by SNU’s very own Student Government’s Athletic Relations team and Sam Stitt.

She came up with the idea after she went to the Nazarene Student Leadership Conference last year after she was trying to decide what else the Athletic Relations team could do for our SNU. She said, “I wanted to create something that supported the basketball team but was fun and involved more people than just athletes. I thought students would like to see their professor or RA’s on the court.”

The event is this Friday, Feb 2 at 7:00 PM and Saturday, Feb. 3 at 1:00 and 3:00 PM.

All-Star Weekend will be in a transformed Broadhurst Main Auditorium, as it changes overnight from an old run down practice and intramural gym, into a well-lit, music-blaring, commentator-commentating, ankle-breaking, basketball-slamming, crowd-cheering grand event.

It will include a basketball game between the all-stars (faculty and staff) and the rookies (students), a dunk contest at half, and then the varsity basketball games on Saturday.

There are many Southern Nazarene students that will be seen and are participating in the games along with over twenty staff members competing.

When we asked Sam Stitt about why she was excited about this new event, she said, “The purpose of this weekend is to create an atmosphere to build relationships between students, athletes, faculty and staff. We will also advertise the basketball games the next day.”

This proves that Sam is truly trying and pushing for SGA to bring our community together the best way possible.  

“Our vision is to create an evening of fun and community through a healthy competition. I’m excited for that purpose and the laughs, smiles, and good times that might be created from this event.”

If you are wanting to know how to get involved, you can show up Friday to support your all-stars and rookies as they compete in this high energy event. You can also show up on Saturday and cheer on our school’s basketball teams to victory as we take on Henderson State.

This new event seems to be coming together well and has a lot happening to make it an event to expect to see year after year. All-Star Weekend is definitively without a doubt an event to try to get involved with and show up to see all the action.

So, if you’re wanting to see Dr. Newman break a clipboard, the basketball team compete in a dunk contest, or Jace Bagwell trying to disguise himself to talk trash about faculty members without getting in trouble, then this is your event.

(Photo Courtesy of SNU SGA)