Emma Wright

Emma Wright, Editor-in-Chief, is a junior English major with a Psychology minor all the way from Bethany, Oklahoma. In her free time, she enjoys reading Jane Austen novels, listening to folk music and critiquing movies. She plans on studying abroad at Oxford University this summer, hoping to attend the university to obtain her master’s degree in the future. Further education will likely be required.
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Jess Vernier

Jessica Vernier is an English major, currently in her junior year. She grew up in Colorado Springs. Besides binge-reading, she enjoys hiking, baking, and watching the same three tv series on repeat. With her degree in English, she hopes to fulfill her dream of becoming an editor for a publishing company.
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Sydney Jones

Sydney Jones, Staff Photographer, is a Junior Mass Communication Major and Music Minor from the tiny, Texas town of Wellington. She is serving as a second-year Resident advisor this school year. Though she has undergone some major growth since her Freshman year at SNU, she admits her slight infatuation with John Mayer and ice cream has never wavered. Sydney loves the Lord and her family immensely, and even though she is excited for the future, she admits she will never truly “want to grow up."
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Jim Smith

Prof. Jim Smith, Echo Faculty Advisor Prof. Smith is a professor of Mass Communication at SNU where he has been on the faculty for 25 years. His greatest passion is seeing students develop and grow passions of their own.
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Kevin Stark

Kevin Stark is a freshman Mass Communications major from Oklahoma City, this is his first year working for the Echo. He enjoys playing all sports and loves competition. Kevin’s goal for the future is to expand his skills in writing and photography to become a great photojournalist.
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Claire Tillis

Claire Tillis is an SNU freshman from Oklahoma City. Although she is currently undecided on a major, Claire is deeply passionate about taking in as much media at one time as possible and drinking coffee morning, noon, and night. She is always ready to talk about movies, books, music, and life’s really tough questions. After graduation, Claire’s main goal is to get a job where she can dress in band t-shirts and jeans every day, but ultimately she is willing to alter this plan to fit God’s call for her life.
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Marshall Jones

Marshall Jones, Editor-in-Chief, was born in the great city of Houston, Texas. Currently, Marshall is a senior at Southern Nazarene University, studying Mass Communication. Marshall has a love for all things bluegrass, coffee, and outdoors.Before becoming Editor-in-Chief at The Echo, Marshall served as both the publication’s Business Manager and as a Staff Writer
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Lizette Casas

Lizette Casas, Staff Writer, was born and raised in the beautiful Land of Enchantment, aka New Mexico. Currently, she is a junior majoring in Mass Communication. Recently, she has become a huge fan of NASCAR and has hopes of one day meeting her favorite driver, Ricky Stenhouse Jr. After Lizette graduates she has dreams of pursuing her education and moving to San Diego to become a Professor at Point Loma Nazarene University. There, she hopes to teach students about the fascinating world that is videography and photography
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Anthony Allford

Anthony is a sophomore Sports Management - Sports Communications major from Moore, Oklahoma. He recently retired from the military after a 20-year career. He enjoys hanging around family and friends while watching sports, listening to music and sports radio, playing sports video games, reading sports articles, and talking about sports. Not surprising to anyone, he plans on working in the sports world after graduation.
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Courtney McDaniel

Courtney McDaniel, Staff Writer  Courtney is junior majoring in Nursing. Courtney grew up as a Navy brat but now her family currently resides in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She is apart of the SNU Speak House on campus that works with an non-profit to end sex-trafficking in Oklahoma City. Courtney loves listening to some Judah & The Lion, going to hit some dingers at the batting cages, and hanging out with people. She hopes to be a Nurse in the US Navy after graduation and to continue serving others through her profession. 
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Parker Whitson

Parker Whitson, Staff Writer, was born and raised in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Parker is currently in her second year at Southern Nazarene University and is majoring in Mass Communications. Parker has a passion for photography, videography, and meeting new people that share her interests. This is Parker’s first year working for the Echo Newspaper.
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Carina Hernandez

Carina Hernandez, Staff Writer, is a transfer junior originally from Mission, Texas (as far south as you can go before hitting the border). Carina is a Mass Communications major and also a member of the Women’s Golf team. She hopes to find a career where she can help a community while also doing what she loves: writing, photography, and meeting new people.
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Troy Vernier

Troy Vernier is a sophomore Missions & Mass Communications major from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Any second he gets, Troy loves exploring nature. He is also passionate about all things entertainment. If you start a conversation with him about music, movies, or TV, you’d better buckle up for a couple of hours of dialogue. After school, Troy would like to work on the mission field connecting new forms of technology to the ancient truths of the Gospel.
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Clifton Grear

Clifton Grear, Staff Writer Clifton is a junior majoring in Mass Communication. He is ecstatic about having the opportunity to work with the Echo. Clifton also works with a non-profit named ONE. You can catch Clifton getting buckets in Broadhurst in his free time or occupying the sand volleyball courts with his crew of ballers. Clifton enjoys long walks on the beach and listening a collection of the best artists in the rap game. He also is an avid dancer and plans on becoming a dance instructor after he retires. After graduation, Clifton does not know what he wants to do, but he plans on following God’s plan for him.
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Rachel Womack

Rachel Womack is a Mass Communication major with a minor in Graphic Design. She is passionate about her relationship with God and her relationship with others. One of her favorite things to do is watch movies with her dog, Gigi.
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Garrison Bluhm

Garrison Bluhm, Staff Writer, is a native Texan that enjoys the simple things in life. He is a Sophomore Marketing student at SNU, and he is his second semester of working for the ECHO. His passions include Rock Band, hiking through the mountains, and hanging out with his girlfriend.
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Nathan Black

Nathan Black is a business administration major and super-senior hailing from Fort Worth, Texas. Between classes, he can often be found working at Sawyer Center or guiding rafts at OKC Riversport. After his graduation in December, Nathan is scheduled to attend Marine Officer Candidate School with hopes of becoming a pilot.
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Brysien Cross

Brysien Cross, Staff Writer, is a Junior from Tyler, Texas that majors in Mass Communications in hopes that he can one-day work for a major sports networks involving his two loves. Brysien is also a member of Southern Nazarene’s Crimson Storm Football Program where gets the opportunity to do something he has dreamt of as a child. One of his favorite quotes is, "comparison is the thief of joy" and he believes when you are truly yourself through and through, the light of happiness will always shine.
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Caleb Rose

Caleb Rose, Staff Writer, was born and raised in Amarillo, Texas. Caleb has recently returned to Southern Nazarene University and is a Sophomore Mass Communications major. Caleb’s passions include music, theater and spending time with friends.
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Gabriel Perez

Hey! I’m Gabriel Perez. I am a junior here at SNU majoring in Mass Communications. I am also an aspiring photographer. I was born in McAllen Texas, but when I turned three, my father joined the Army, and I have moved around a lot with SNU being my last one (my 14th move in my life).
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Abby Williams

Abby Williams, Staff Writer Abby Williams is a freshman studying Mass Communication. She is excited about writing for the ECHO. Abby is usually working the front desk in the Admissions Office and she enjoys meeting new and prospective students. When she is not at work she is probably napping or hanging out with her friends.
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Aric Ferguson

Aric Ferguson is a freshman Worship Arts major. He is from Bethany, Oklahoma. In his free time, Aric enjoys singing, watching Netflix, and drinking coffee!
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