Baseball season is approaching quickly

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Kira Roberts, Layout Editor

It’s finally baseball season! Well, almost. The guys’ first game is on Friday, Feb. 1 at home. With the weather slowly starting to warm up and the semester still just getting started, getting outside for the games is the perfect way to spend an afternoon.

First baseman Nate Bidelman said, “We are a lot more solid on defense this year and can hit like nobody’s business.”

Cody Nelson is a junior playing outfield for the Crimson Storm.

“We hope to finish near the top of our conference and make the NCCAA postseason,” Nelson said.

Nelson mentioned that the switch to the NCAA conference is keeping them from making postseason play in their actual conference, but said that they can still have a postseason through the NCCAA.

“Coach expects us to give everything we’ve got when we step between the lines,” Nelson said.

Bidelman also said, “Coach Framel wants us to live by ‘attack or be attacked.’”

The twenty-five-player roster and three coaches have worked so hard for this upcoming season; make sure to show up to as many games as possible to show your support!