Bringing Sunshine to SNU: The Iconic Alicia Rollins

Bringing Sunshine to SNU: The Iconic Alicia Rollins

In the busy heart of SNU’s campus, there’s a corner where warmth and positivity are radiated from a familiar face behind our Chick-fil-A counter. Meet Alicia Rollins, a beloved member of our campus community whose infectious smile and genuine care touch the hearts of students, faculty, and staff alike.

Alicia’s upbringing at SNU was sparked by a simple job outlook. “I was looking jobs up and found that a Chick-fil-A was open here, so I applied,” she recounts, reflecting on the unforeseen turn of events that led her to our campus.

For the past eight months, Alicia’s journey has been a constant presence here at SNU, brightening the days of everybody with her unwavering positivity and charm. “The students; I love seeing you all every day,” she claims, emphasizing her favorite part of being employed here. Beyond her role as cashier, Alicia embodies the spirit of hospitality, creating connections that make simple transactions into conversations that carry into students’ days.By Jose Ramos

Outside of her work at SNU, Alicia’s world revolves around her two daughters, aged ten and six. “Usually, I go home with them, play at the park, and enjoy the rest of the day with them,” she shares, cherishing the moments of family time that bring her the greatest joy. Her love for going out and embracing life’s simple pleasures mirrors her vibrant spirit and zest for living life fully.

Among the fond memories Alicia has collected during her time at SNU, one stands out – the Valentine’s Day surprise by Chase Matson, who presented staff with roses. Such gestures of appreciation resonate deeply with Alicia, underscoring the sense of community and camaraderie that defines her experience at SNU.

Emily Martinez, an SNU student, captures Alicia’s essence, describing her as a “queen” whose genuine interest in others and infectious humor endear her to everyone she encounters. She mentions, “If I want someone to take my order, it will have to be her!”

In Alicia Rollins, we find more than just a Chick-fil-A cashier – we find a source of optimism, a source of comfort, and a cherished member of our campus family. Her unwavering dedication to spreading joy and kindness serves as a reminder of the profound impact that small gestures of warmth can have on our daily lives. So, the next time you find yourself at the SNU Chick-fil-A counter, take a moment to share a smile with Alicia, for in her presence, every day becomes a little brighter.


Photos by Jose Ramos