Campus Questions: The Science Building

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Q: Why are the supports outside the Science Building blue?

A: “The blue color is actually the original color all the steel columns were in 1968. The architect of this building and many others on campus at the time was Ray Bowman, of Bowman, Nicek and Associates. He used this color on all the structural steel in that day. In fact most of the buildings on campus used these two shades of “Bowman Blue” on all the exterior steel. The architect of our new science building addition and I have chosen to renew these colors for the existing science building for two reasons. One, because it is a bit of an homage to the original architect, and also because these colors will actually compliment the modern design of the new science building. We currently have our painter resealing the window systems in the existing science building and while he is there, repainting the window panels and columns in this same blue.”

-Ron Lester, Director of Facilities Management