Campus Trends

Graphic by Zack Wussow
Graphic by Zack Wussow

Macy Sliman, Staff Writer

   Much like the insane mood swings of Oklahoma weather, campus trends are constantly changing. From the season of winter, with its brown riding boots and denim button ups, we move on to summer’s too short shorts and bro tanks. Fueled by the increasing use of social media and the close quarters of on-campus living, these trends are even harder to keep up with. If you have given up the social media aspect of being an adolescent in the twenty first century, here are a few trends that have become increasingly popular on campus.

   One exceedingly well-known trend is couple hammocking. This activity is basically socially acceptable PDA. It can be an easy date night or a good excuse to get that cute girl to hang out with you without all the commitment stuff. Take a laptop out there and watch a movie if you are really wanting to blend in. Don’t forget your Chacos and longboard.

   Another common fad that can be seen on campus is wearing leggings with that super cute, perfectly fitting t-shirt. Or not so perfectly fitting. This is more of a recent development and will probably be looked at in generations to come like the mullet or the denim suit Justin Timberlake wore to that one award show that one time. The only way to wear these spandex legging bottoms without severe judgment is to cover your derriere with a long enough top. Or wear them to an actual yoga class, since that is what they were made for. Terribly sorry everyone, but leggings are not pants.

   Lastly, from the part of the community who are actually visually impaired, wearing glasses without a prescription is a good way to get smacked, tripped or otherwise physically injured. Those that have glasses in order to see wish they did not have to wear them, while those that don’t need them use them as accessories for that perfect “nerdy/geeky” look. The visually impaired are having a difficult time figuring out it if they should be offended or exploit this new fad by selling their old glasses for profit.

   All joking aside, trends come and go. Fads are always changing. There will always be something that is so popular you begin to wonder if the crowd is becoming more of a one-brained organism. Either way, do you. Dress how you want to dress. Enjoy the activities you want to put effort into, regardless of what is popular. Style has nothing to do with the accepted fashion developments and everything to do with who you are and how you express it. Hang in there, hammock couples!