Christmas Break Recap

Christmas Break Recap

As we begin a new academic semester, some of us may find ourselves reflecting on winter break, reminiscing about all the rest we had and probably won’t get again until spring break or the summer. 

During this break, many students visited and stayed with friends and family, some traveled, while others worked or slept the whole break away.  I asked Jayla Johnson, a junior business major, how she spent her break. She states, “I hung out with my family and friends.” Her favorite part of the break was catching up with some friends from high school. 

Keziah Segovia, a sophomore education major, shared a similar experience. She went back to Columbia, MO to visit family and catch up with friends. She also went to Atlanta, GA for the Passion 2024 conference. When asked about her time at Passion, she remarks a lot about all that she learned and how God worked within her. She states, “The worship was amazing. My favorite part was not the music or lights but because of where I was sitting, I was up high, meaning I could look down on the main floor and see people dancing and worshiping God. It was so encouraging to see people genuinely praying and dancing to the Lord.” When asked about her most memorable moment over the break she added, “I don’t have a single favorite memory. However, spending time with my parents and siblings has been the most enjoyable and meaningful.”

Talara McGlory, a junior education major, worked for the majority of the winter break. When she wasn’t working, however, she got to spend some time with friends and family. She explains, “I didn’t travel anywhere, but if I were to travel I would have visited my extended family in Texas.” Her favorite thing about the break was spending time with her family on Christmas day–opening presents and playing games together. 

Many, if not most students, can find themselves relating to parts of these experiences or with D’Angelo Cartwright’s experience, a senior psychology major, who stated, “My favorite thing about the break was just not being at school.” Regardless, of how you spent the break, I hope you were able to get a lot of rest, spend time with loved ones, and just do whatever your heart desired to get geared up and prepared for the Spring 2024 semester. We wish you luck!


Photo by Katie Azi on Unsplash