Coping Without a Network of Friends

Coping Without a Network of Friends

Being an introvert is not a bad thing. However, being an introvert in college can sure seem that way. Many people gather or attend events in large crowds. The longing to fit in can be overwhelming. To some introverts this may seem okay, but to the more outgoing wallflower it may be frightening.

So, how exactly do you cope with not having a large network of friends?

It seems nearly impossible as everyone you witness on campus seems to have their main group of friends. There are so many people yet why do you feel lonely? Instead of becoming worried and thinking about how it should be: live in the moment. To help you better cope with this, here are some ideas to help calm down your worried heart.

Learn something new: Teach yourself how to play the piano or read that American history novel you keep putting off. When you are not surrounded by a large group of people, you are more likely to tune into what you are working on or doing. The possibilities are endless. Use this time as an opportunity to explore and create rather than mope. When you put your time to good use, you will focus on that task rather than what you wish you were doing.

Focus on you: There is nothing wrong with being alone. Everybody needs time to unwind. If you find yourself stuck on the couch instead of socializing on a Friday night, just know that it will all be okay. Use your time alone to refresh, pamper yourself, write in a journal and/or exercise. There are many ways to tune into your own mind. Use this time to better and improve yourself.

Be friendly: Quiet or shy people tend to be labeled wrongly because they are so reserved. Take some time to show others that you are friendly and willing to work with them. Comment in class on another student’s work. If someone asks you a question do not be afraid to answer. Being friendly is a simple way to open up to others.

Get more involved: Okay, so you are not carpooling to a football game with five other students. That does not mean you are not welcome to join in on the fun. Head over anyways and sit in the middle of the student section. Get excited and cheer with everyone. Talk to introduce yourself to others. Do the same in the cafeteria, in chapel or in class. Join a club or sport that you are interested in. Others who share your passion will easily become friends. Find people who think like you or volunteer your time to help those in need. The possibilities are endless, but you have to be willing to take the steps to get there.

It is not forever: You should know that the situation is temporary and it will not always be this way. Do not be ashamed or feel as if you do not fit in. You will make friends and find people who you enjoy spending your time with. Genuine people will enter your life when the time is right. Stay positive about all the good that is to come.

Embrace your inner introvert this year, but do not be scared to kick it aside when the time comes.

[author image=””] Morgan Rodgers, Staff Contributor
Morgan is a Mass Communication student conquering her junior year. She loves everything about being outdoors, working with animals and pretty much doing anything creative. [/author]