Creating Christmas on a Budget

Creating Christmas on a Budget

With only two weeks of school remaining after Thanksgiving break, many will long to get into the Christmas spirit. The only problem is: we are broke college students.

You may be wondering if it is possible to turn your dorm from blah to festive in such short time with little cost, but do not fear; it can happen. Many nearby stores offer plenty of options to fuel your holiday décor desires.

Dollar Tree is great for many reasons. The number one reason, of course, is their prices. With everything priced at $1, it is easy to get carried away. If your plans for decorating include having a Christmas party with your roommates, this store will become your new best friend. From plastic silverware to balloons, they have it all.

Faux flowers and other plants can also be purchased, giving you the feeling of being at Grandma’s for the holidays. Ornaments of all kinds also line the wall, allowing for an inexpensive look to fill out your tree. The décor Dollar Tree offers may not be fancy, but it is guaranteed to be both fun and easy on your wallet.

For those who are creative, it can be easy to get lost in an idea. If you cannot find that thought in a store, what better way than to make it yourself?

Craft stores are where you can find things you have dreamed of or never even imagined. Displays in the aisles allow you to expand your ideas, or even give you new ideas to try. Nighttime classes are offered at most, and for around $15 a class, you can get instructions and all of the supplies you need for the project.

Craft stores are also great because they usually have aisles full of clearance items. You never know what you will find in these marked down collections. Parts and pieces can become anything you want them to be. Your inner Pinterest will thank you.

Wal-Mart has a whole room full of Christmas goods. What is better than a room full of Christmas items than reasonably priced Christmas items? Wal-Mart is your one stop shop for a Christmas tree. A four-foot tree is only $20, leaving you with plenty of extra money to decorate it. Goods such as tinsel, ornaments and stockings range from $3 to $10, which gives you a wide price range to choose from. Boxed light sets are the cheapest at Walmart, ranging from $7 to $10.

Thrift stores can also help you to be frugal. Christmas knick-knacks can be found year round here, and usually only cost a few cents. Used Christmas trees and wreaths are waiting to be recycled. Older pillows, linens and tree skirts can also add some character to your room.

Target has a secret weapon: the dollar bins. If you have yet to spend thirty minutes digging through these treasures, Christmas time is the perfect time to start. The bins only offer items that are either $1 or $3. While the selection varies every year, there are still plenty of things to meet your decorating needs. Window stickers, lights, simple crafts, cards and much more can be found.

You do not have to have a large budget to get your dorm room in the holiday spirit. All it takes is some smart shopping.

[author image=””] Morgan Rodgers, Staff Contributor
Morgan is a Mass Communication student conquering her junior year. She loves everything about being outdoors, working with animals and pretty much doing anything creative. [/author]