Creepy CGI babies, mythologically-incorrect vampires and fights

“What do creepy CGI babies, mythologically incorrect vampires and an admittedly awesome-turned-disappointing fight scene have in common?” (Photo from Wikipedia)

By Baker Pitts, staff writer

What do creepy CGI babies, mythologically incorrect vampires and an admittedly awesome-turned-disappointing fight scene have in common? If you said Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2, then you are correct!

I had the pleasure of seeing the end of the Twilight saga over the break. Now, let me preface this article by stating that I have not read the Twilight books in their entirety, and I only saw the first film, so I’m pretty much coming into this pretty much as a fresh slate.

From a production standpoint, this film is actually quite good, the camera work is extremely creative, the soundtrack is just fantastic and the special effects (for the most part) are pretty impressive. It is the rest of the movie that weirds me out.

The film starts after the main character Bella has been turned into a vampire by her vegetarian vampire husband, she has also just had a baby, and apparently those two things are related.

The first truly odd bit comes immediately after Bella holds her daughter for the first time. As she is holding her daughter, who is named Renesmee and is poorly animated and extremely creepy, the tiny animated baby (who is two days old and already has a full set of teeth) reaches up and gingerly touches her face. As if that wasn’t odd enough, right after this, Jacob Black, the teenage heartthrob/werewolf with an inability to keep his shirt on, reveals that he has ‘imprinted’ (read: fallen in love with) this child. I think my point has been made.

Now, the middle of the movie doesn’t hold many overly strange happenings, but it does introduce some very pretty vampires with some extremely interesting powers. I don’t have much beef with anything else in the movie with the exception of the climactic fight scene. Before I go any further I would like to let my readers know that there are some extreme SPOILERS ahead, and anyone who still has yet to read the books or see the film may want to stop reading now.

The big fight scene between the Volturi (Bad vampires) and the good guys, is actually really awesome. It is full of high-powered decapitations, and stuff like that and it is truly exciting. But all of that is immediately ruined when you find out that it was simply a vision of what would happen if the two sides were to fight and they then leave without any kind of a fight. They then finish the movie by showing everyone who played a main part in all of the films, which I actually really liked.

But despite all of that I would still recommend the film for anyone who is a fan of the series or who would like a nice chortle at the ridiculousness of the film (see: Michael Sheen’s laugh).