Down the stretch

Quan Conner, #3 Photo from
Quan Conner, #3
Photo from

Carlos Font, Staff Writer

    The 2013-2014 basketball regular season is coming to an end for both the men and women’s teams.  The men’s team has an overall record of 12-10 and 10-6 in the Great American Conference as of Monday, February 17. They have also been on a four game winning streak.

    March 1 will be the last home basketball game, which means that for two players on the men’s team, it will be the last time they play for the Crimson Storm. These two players are Quan Conner from Waukegan, Illinois and Antwone Jackson from Huntsville, Atlanta. Conner averages 16.9 points per-game, 34 minutes per-game and has started all 45 games he has played in his career at SNU. Antwone Jackson has averaged 5.8 points per-game and 5.7 rebounds per-game in his career at SNU.

   The Storm basketball team has a good chance of finishing second in the Great American Conference with games against the number three and number two teams in the conference. In a recent interview, SNU Athletics head coach, Adam Bohac, said that his team is showing great character and needs to be “tough minded down the stretch.”

   The women’s basketball team has an overall record of 10-12 and 7-9 in the Great American Conference also as of Monday, February 17. The Storm ladies are defending their 2013 NCCAA National Championship. Just like the men’s basketball team, the women’s season is also coming to an end with four more games, the last game being senior night on Saturday, March 1.

   The only senior in the women’s basketball team is Kristin Milster from Washington, Oklahoma. In Milster’s four years at SNU, she has averaged 6.7 points, 2.5 rebounds and an average of 18.3 minutes per-game. In her last season at SNU, Milster has stepped it up and is averaging 17.2 points, 4.5 rebounds and an average of 34.7 minutes per-game. In an interview with SNU Athletics early in the season, Milster was asked about the season and her new level of comfort in the hardwood.  She responded, saying, “Because I’m a senior, I really feel like I need to step up. We lost a couple of key players last year, so I felt it was important for me to step up, do the best I can and finish strong my senior season.”

   It will be really interesting to see how both teams will respond towards the end of the season. Will the men’s team be able to keep up their winning streak and be able to take their great game towards the playoffs? With the women’s team looking to improve their level of play, will they be able to defend their NCCAA Championship?

   Come out to honor these teams and their senior players at Senior Night, March 1. Women play at 2 pm followed by the men’s game at 3 pm.