Dr. Gresham honored by the Oklahoma Higher Education Heritage Society

Photo from snu
Photo from snu

Amy Lauver, Layout Editor

   Our very own Dr. Loren Gresham is being inducted into the Oklahoma Higher Education Hall of Fame.  The Oklahoma Higher Education Heritage Society has sponsored the Hall of Fame since 1994.  There are 11 other candidates being inducted into the 2013 Hall of Fame. According to their website, the Oklahoma Higher Education Hall of

Fame’s purpose is to recognize “outstanding men and women (living and deceased) who have excelled in higher education, and who have encouraged others to contribute to the economic development and quality of life in Oklahoma” (http://www.ohehs.org/hof.html).

   When asked what the Oklahoma Higher Education Hall of Fame means to him Dr. Gresham responded, “It’s a

n unexpected, pleasant surprise to be inducted into the Higher Education Hall of Fame. I’m not sure how my nomination occurred, but am grateful for those responsible.” Discussing the selection process, “I actually don’t know what the selection process involves. I made no application nor had an interview. Notification came in a letter from the association, and it was a surprise when it arrived.”

    Being honored for encouraging others in their education and in the quality of Oklahoma life, The Ec

ho asked Dr. Gresham if there is anyone that has been a major encourager in his life and education. “I have had many encouragers to my career path. Chief among them were my parents, followed by outstanding teachers through all stages of my education,” Gresham said. “To pick out any one person would be difficult. Certainly my father, who was a first generation college student/graduate would be at or near the top of the list.”

   As this honor is

one of excellence, Dr. Gresham was asked what excellence means to him as it relates to education. He responded by saying, “Excellence means outstanding performance in whatever area of the educative process one considers, whether that is teaching, learning, or research. It is making unusual, beyond the normal contributions to whatever part of the process one is committed.”

   Dr. Gresham is in his 47th year as a part of the SNU community as a faculty member or administrator. He has done a great deal to better education not only at SNU but also in Oklahoma. As he is receiving this distinct honor, we as a student body shoul

d feel blessed to have such a dedicated educator leading our campus.