Exploring the SNU Commons

Exploring the SNU Commons

There are many places essential places to know about on the SNU campus and one of these is the Commons. As popular as Chick-fil-A, the Student Life Office, the Live Last Center, and the Commuters Lounge are, they are also vital for things you might need here at SNU. After walking down the stairs or exiting the elevator onto the first floor, you will first approach the Commuters Lounge on your right. This is a great space to hang out, do homework, or even play games like ping pong, mini-hoop basketball, and the Wii. This place is not only limited to commuters but welcomes all students looking for a spot to get away from the college lifestyle of class and work. SNU Commuter, Darius Pettis, says, “The Commuter Lounge is where I grow my strongest lifelong friendships playing ping pong!”

Next, on your left, if you keep walking, is the Student Life Office. If you have any questions regarding campus life, social affairs, resident living, or education, this is the place to go. This is where a lot of administration is located, such as Katy Bradley (Dean of Students), Emma Riggs (Housing Coordinator), Sierra White (Resident Director of Hills), Austin Schoenfeldt, (Resident Director of Snow), and Angie Milford (Resident Diretor of Chapman/Bracken). The Student Life Office is also where you can get your student ID made if you’ve either lost one or never got one. The Career Education Services are also located here in case you need help with job applications, a resumè, or networking. Lastly, SNU’s Executive Vice President, Mike Redwine, is also located here, and he is always down for great conversation concerning anything about the school. He has a lot of experience with coaching, as well as business and administration.

Student life employee, Carlos Zepeda, states, “My slogan has always been ‘Welcome to student life, where life happens. How can I make your life easier today?’ Which is a summary of what we do here. I’ve seen many students enter this office with a need and leave satisfied and without one.” 

Last but not least, there’s the Live Last Center directly across from the Student Life Office. The Live Last Center is where our head Chaplin, Blair Spindle, and Associate Campus Pastor, Keziah Weaver, are. If you need any help with chapel credits this is where to go. This is also where our student leadership offices are found, including SALT and senate positions. SNU Live Last employee, Lydia Mitchell, states, “The Live Last Center is a great place to be every day because of the sense of community that’s there–from the students and faculty to Keziah bringing us treats on ‘Sweet Monday’.” 

In conclusion, the first floor in the Commons is a great place for students to find resources for development as well as encounter wonderful communities and hangout places. I hope to see you using these resources!


Photo by SNU Creative