Fall Favorites

Fall Favorites

With coffee shops going into overdrive, leaves covering every inch of the ground in a beautiful array of orange and yellow and Halloween right around the corner, the fall season is officially in full swing.  As a fan of all things fall, it is hard to decide what I love most about this time of year. So, I turned to SNU’s students to help fill the list of Fall Favorites. Here’s what fall is all about in the eyes of SNU students:

Students like Luis Guerra, Sarah Rovenstine and Noah Abrego are loving the colder weather and what low temperatures bring with them.  

Rovenstine, a junior at SNU, put it into words perfectly when she said, “My favorite part about fall is probably the weather.  I love being able to wear sweatshirts and seeing all of the leaves change colors. Fall is also great because it’s the beginning of all the holidays!”

Another student who is soaking in the sweater weather is freshman Jason Patalano who said, “I like sweaters because you look classy but not trashy and really comfortable”.

Senior Luis Guerra, who can be seen wearing his trademark grey beanie a majority of the time said he likes the fall weather because it gives him an excuse to wear- surprise, surprise- more beanies!

I think we can all agree with sophomore Noah Abrego who said the fall season gives him “a massive urge to drink delicious and warm hot chocolate with marshmallows.”  Whether you like coffee or hot chocolate, we can all say goodbye to our flex cash at Starbucks this month.

Senior John Zehr has his own list of fall favorites that includes nostalgic memories of being a kid, football, the color orange covering everything, and of course, the Charlie Brown Specials.  

Many students are loving the sight of the leaves changing, but for students like Sophomore AJ Marco, it means something a little bit more special. Marco grew up in South Texas where he did not get to see the fall trademark of colorful leaves.  Now going to school in Oklahoma, AJ talked about getting to see falls beauty, saying, “I moved up here and there’s a really great view of all the leaves falling, and the trees just look so beautiful; that’s just something special since I didn’t have that for a really long time.”  

Whether you have lived here your whole life or are a newcomer to Oklahoma, one thing can be agreed upon– students are enjoying everything about this beautiful season and looking forward to more fall days.  

(Photo by Alisa Anton on Unsplash)