Feature Friday: Abigail Herron

Get to know Abigail Herron, a vocalist from concert choir.
Where are you from? Oklahoma City
What is your major? Vocal Performance major.
What are your hobbies/interests? I enjoy singing which happens to be my major but also like to do kick boxing.
What are three words that describe you? Positive, Achiever, and futuristic.
What is a talent that you possess? The ability to sing for many others for there entertainment or to lead worship.
 What is your biggest fear? My biggest fear is not living life fully. I feel as though there are so many opportunities and that there are several paths a person can take. I want to make sure that I take every opportunity I can to not only experience life but to make a difference in other people lives as well.
What achievement are you most proud of? Being the Oklahoma State Representative for a vocal contest.
What are the perfect pizza toppings? The best pizza to man has to either be the great white from BJ’S or cheese pizza with pineapple and Canadian bacon.
What is your life motto? I actually have two life mottos. “if your dream doesn’t scare you it isn’t big enough.” and “When in doubt… Risk it.”
What is your top 5 favorite songs? Cloud Atlas Finale from cloud atlas. Shores by Brian and Katie Torwalt, All about that bass Meghan Trainer.
What cheers you or relaxes you after a stressful day? Going out with friends and grabbing a bite to eat with a light and fun conversation.