Feature Friday: Laura Quevedo

Feature Friday: Laura Quevedo

Get to know Arrow Editor and International Student, Laura Quevedo:

Major: Graphic Design

Hometown: Bogotá, Colombia

Hobbies/Interests: Drawing, Painting, Reading, Rock Climbing, Golf

What are three words that describe you? Passionate, creative, outgoing

What is a talent that you possess? I can turn something good into something great.

What is your biggest fear? Dying Alone.

Why did you study in the U.S.? I wanted to play college golf and back home the option of playing college golf is not available.

What is the most important thing that you want the SNU community to know about your home country? Colombia is a beautiful country with amazing people; we are people that are passionate about our country and who are proud of it. Colombia is pretty close to what paradise would look like to me, with amazing landscapes, people, and cultural diversity.

What is the biggest misconception about your home country? Not all of us are drug dealers or are related to drugs or have smoked cocaine before.

What is your favorite thing about the U.S.? The diversity of people you can find nowadays.

What is something you think that people from the U.S. should learn from your culture? Respect. The value we give to our culture and how important it is for us. We respect Americans and how their culture is, therefore we expect respect back.

What do you miss most from home? My family (my puppy), the weather, the landscapes and the people.