Fun and Food Truck Friday: Brewing a Tasty Storm

Fun and Food Truck Friday: Brewing a Tasty Storm

As the sun begins its descent on campus, signaling the end of another bustling week, SNU prepares a lively occasion where students can recharge and taste amazing cuisine. Hang onto your taste buds because Fun and Food Truck Friday is back! As the mouthwatering scents waft through the air, you know you’re in for a treat! This past week, for Fun and Food Truck Friday, we had delicious egg rolls as the main course. Make sure to get your vouchers at the Salt and Senate booth on the main floor of the Commons so that you won’t miss this fantastic campus event! 

As we eagerly wait for our favorite food trucks and explore new ones, Fun and Food Truck Friday becomes a weekly ritual; it’s not just about the food but about the shared experiences, the laughter, and the joys of discovering new flavors together. SNU student Vanelly Mazariegos, shares a memorable experience, stating, “An ice cream truck had come to campus and after getting mine, I sort of tripped and mine fell. However, the guy at the truck was nice and gave me another one!” Other students on campus also share positive feedback on flavors from past food trucks, like the snow cones, acai bowls, etc. 

Fun and Food Truck Friday continues to evolve, and students find themselves eagerly anticipating what each new truck will bring. There’s a sense of excitement in the air as they speculate about the next delicious entrée they’ll present us with. Some students like Elle Brezillac emphasize how they should try out offering main course meals, like “burgers and hotdogs.” Mazariegos agrees with this suggestion saying that she would love a taco truck to make its way to SNU. 

While asking students about what type of food trucks they would host if they could, many responded with delightful ideas. Some dream of curating a haven of comfort food, envisioning a food truck that serves pupusas, tamales, and homemade foods with a twist–offering a nostalgic escape for anyone seeking a taste of home. Others harbor the ambition of introducing build-your-own food types of food trucks, such as cava bowls, or even a build-your-own pizza. Some would love to make a dessert-only truck, where tiramisu or cheesecake steals the show, providing a sweet sanctuary for those with a sweet tooth. The possibilities are as diverse as the students themselves, reflecting on how they would make our campus into a gastronomic wonderland.

As Fun and Food Truck Friday wraps up, we’re left with full hearts and happy bellies. It’s more than just a weekly event; it’s a flavor-packed adventure that brings us all together. So, until our next rendezvous with foodie bliss, let’s carry the taste of these moments–the laughter, the new friendships, and the delicious memories. Here’s to the upcoming Fridays, where more food trucks and exciting flavors await. Keep those taste buds ready and your appetites alive, and we’ll see you at the loaded fries food truck this Friday! 

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Photo by José Ramos