Giving Recognition To SNU Workers Behind the Scenes

Giving Recognition To SNU Workers Behind the Scenes

SNU consists of a welcoming and caring environment thanks to the contributions of SNU workers. SNU workers are diverse, with janitors, cafeteria workers, therapists, nurses, IT specialists, professors, security workers, etc; however, most of the field workers don’t get the same recognition as other workers who work behind the scenes. 

Each worker here on campus deserves recognition for the hard work and contribution they make, through working in-person with students or working in the background cleaning the campus, securing the campus, or helping SNU’s internet. Each worker helps make SNU a good, welcoming university.

I interviewed a cafeteria worker, Mr. Devonta, with some questions to get to know him on a personal level. I first asked him for insight on how students can give recognition to SNU workers, to which Mr. Devonta responded, “Communication; just be friendly to

photo by jalan washington

 any worker.” I added on by asking how long he has been working for SNU. Mr. Devonta said, “Since August.”

Students are bound to encounter any worker on campus, and we should at least acknowledge them by either saying hi or trying to create small talk. For insight, I asked Mr. Devonta’s thoughts on SNU’s community. Mr. Devonta answered, “It’s been good so far. It’s positive and people here are willing to help out.”

SNU workers help contribute to SNU’s appearance and community, but outside their jobs, many enjoy other hobbies that bring them joy. I asked Mr. Devonta what his favorite hobby was. He responded, “I enjoy basketball, video games, and cooking.” I added to the question by asking if he could choose one meal to cook for the cafeteria, and what would it be. Mr. Devonta replied enthusiastically, “Steak. I can make some good steak.” Furthermore, I asked if he would be up to the challenge. Mr. Devonta without hesitation added, “Most definitely.”

With many students from different states or countries coming to SNU, I concluded the interview by asking Mr. Devonta where he was born. Mr. Devonta answered, “Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.”

Every SNU worker is as important as professors and cooks, and greeting them, saying hi, or writing a thank you card are many ways to let them know we acknowledge and appreciate their contributions.


Photos by Jalan Washington