Hammocks are great for relaxation, adventure, enjoying nature

Cole Trotter (pictured) says hammocks can be good for a variety of things, including relaxation. (Photo provided by Cole Trotter)

By Cole Trotter, Guest writer

Up in the trees, under the bunk beds, or even in the Honors Lounge – hammocks can be found all over SNU’s campus.  Hammocking is a trending hobby for many students on campus and is growing in popularity.

Many students find it a great way to relieve stress and to enjoy beautiful weather.  Hammocks just have something special about them that allows loyal users to slip away from reality and happily swim in the tranquility of their hammock’s steady sway.

Popular hammock brand Eagle’s Nest Outfitters (ENO) makes hammocking easy.  The entire kit compacts into a little pouch half the size of a basketball.  ENO retails genius “Slap Straps” that only need be looped around a base and clipped to the hammock with the carabiner to be ready for action.  The strap is full of loops so as to fit any base in the hammocker’s mind.

ENO hammocks also come in multiple sizes, depending on the company of the adventure.  Double-nests are popular around SNU because they’re big enough for a partner to join.

ENO fanatic Casey Myers owns multiple ENO products and accessories.  Myers says that the combination of the name brand quality with their two-year guarantee makes ENO unbeatable.

Meagan Green, a freshman tackling nineteen hours this semester on top of being in ROTC, refers to her navy blue ENO as her “hanging haven.”

Cole Trotter and friends bunk their hammocks for a posed photo. (Photo provided by Cole Trotter)

Green loves to stretch out in her hammock after long, tiring days no matter what the weather. She even enjoys lying out in the chilly wind if she has her beanie and cozy fleece blanket to keep her snug in the “blue cocoon.”

Hammocking is a peaceful hobby that can be taken to new heights if only the hammocker is daring enough.  Placement of the nest is the key to the rush of the trip.  Some adventure junkies enjoy the excitement in setting up camp at extreme heights or locations.  Some say the higher, the better!

The possibilities are endless with the versatility of hammocks. A hammock may be a comfy medium for a woodsy outdoorsman to get in touch with nature, a thrill ride for an adventure junkie, or a cradling cloud for a weary college student.

Regardless of what happiness it brings, the art of hammocking is an open and welcoming hobby that invites readers climb on in.